#73 Special Screw edition~

Yesterday waaaas
Screw's live in Munich!

It was great, I had an awesome time!!

With my beloved Rin-tan. <3 I was wearing more decent make-up. With smaller lashes. On the second pic only one lash is visible and one is not, don't ask me why. my eyes are strange. 

see? xD

I'm sorry I don't have a picture of my outfit but it wasn't that special. hotpants, highheels. something like that xD

Anyways here's the story of the concert.

This was the hottest live I ever had the chance to experience!
Sooo let me tell you some things that happened during meet&greet and live okay~ since there were some really nice incidents. *megusta*
in short if you don’t want to read everything: many hugs and a little kiss from the members. Rui and Manabu kissed Jin on stage. Manabu shoved a pick directly into my mouth and hurt my lips. Rui took my hand and gave me a pick too. Byo grabbed a girl’s hand and pressed it tightly to his crotch!


Okay and now full version. (fangirling included)

We went to the “Feierwerk” livehouse pretty early because we met some friends there and had some alcohol to get into the perfect mood for the live.

At the time the meet&greet started I was really nervous, my knees were shaking when I was standing in the line to make that picture with the members. 

BUT when it was my turn to take the pic, when I looked into their eyes and they all greeted and treated me so friendly, my nervosity was gone.  :)

I had the picture taken with my friend rin. She almost fell when she was going to Kazuki to stand next to him. He immediately put his arm around her and pulled her close to his body, asking her if she was okay. That was so cute! >3<

I sat between Byo and Jin and on the second picture taken I placed my head on Jin’s shoulder and he leaned against me. <3 

When I gave my presents and letters to the members at the signing session they made such a cute (probably faked, but still cute xD) surprised face. I was able to exchange some words with them quickly. at that moment I didn’t know yet that I would have the chance to talk more to them later. they were so nice, everyone stood up and held my hand and hugged me tightly!
Byo held me like 5 seconds and even stroked my back. hng~~~ >//<

Then they had that Q&A and Rui was so cool, answering everything in english! :0
Also they asked Jin if he preferred trousers or shorts and he answered with “miniskirt”. Since I was standing close to him, I couldn’t help but ask him if HE liked to wear miniskirts. He said “no I don’t wear them” of course, but it was still funny (for me… )

After Q&A was over they took a picture with us all together and then after that, all the fans were immediately running to stand at Kazuki’s side of the stage and he was like “WHAAAA!?? HEEE!? Hayai!!” because he, rui and manabu were still standing in the middle of the hall and almost all the fans were running to the stage. Kazuki stood right next to me, so I patted him on the shoulder and he turned around and gave me that 1million$ smile which makes almost every girl weak in a second. 
Manabu and Rui were also standing there behind me watching us so I kinda felt the urge to talk to them. Even if it was not really polite to talk and touch them directly, they didn’t look like if they minded, since they did the same to the fans, lol. 

I told Manabu (or was it Rui? I can’t remember my brain was kinda fucked at this moment. I swear I had no clue what I was doing>_<) that I was really happy that they came here and that I wish that I can see them again when I go to tokyo in summer. And Manabu (or Rui xD) said “Woah thank you! let’s meet again please”

So they went backstage and all the fans went  to the stage. I went there too, to put my bag down and then I kinda went to see the merch stand. I saw Manabu there and he waved at me, telling me to come over. Rui was there too. 

Manabu (yes now I’m sure it was him!) asked me if I already had all the CDs and I said “no not all of them”. I told myself NO you’re not gonna buy anything! But then Manabu was so friendly and said if I bought something then I would get a present and a hug from him (and of course he said that to everyone, but still, he would be good for commercials! he really made the people buy things.) So after a while I said “okaaaay and I bought a CD and they gave me two autographed big photos with it. really cute. :) So I already forgot about the hug but Manabu just pulled me over to him and held me close and then he kissed my cheek. *^*

I asked manabu if he knew a word in german and he said yes “dankeschön”. He told me to teach him one more and I teached him “Ich liebe dich” (I love you) and he immediately said that to everyone who was standing around. Even to Manager-san! xD 

Then I had a nice chat with Manabu and Rui and then Kazuki came too, and some of my friends also came to the merch stand. Kazuki saw that I had bought a CD and he immediately told me I should hug him too (as if I would have minded that x”D)

My friend asked me if I could tell Kazuki that she said that he smelled so nice. He said “oooh tell her she smells so good too! My heart started beating faster when I hugged her”…. that damn casanova! XD
Well they still sold some stuff to the fans and talked with us but I went back after a while to get a good place. I found one in the second or third row between Rui and Manabu. (Yeah, I like those two, I guess you already figured out xD Especially Rui! <3)

The concert was great, Rui and Manabu always came very close. And touched the fans.
Byo was singing good and the whole live had good energy!
When I once looked to Byo he grabbed a girls hand and pressed it directly into his crotch, rolling his hips against her hand!! O_O

Manabu also came very close to the fans faces and sticked out his tongue and licked some girl’s finger once. He was coming so close to my lips with his mouth that I though he was going to kiss me (or eat me!) but I stepped back because I was… afraid? x”D dunno it was scary. .___.

Rui came to Manabu and was telling something into his ear, then they both went up to Jin after each other and gave him a kiss on his lips.*A* 

During the last song Manabu came to me again and he somehow told me to open my mouth and I was like “whaaaat?” <- and while saying this I already did what he wanted. He just shoved his pick directly into my mouth. Not so gentle though, I still have a bruise on my lip from his nails. saeofekjrhljkwqhl! x”DDDDD

Rui came over after a while too and I just raised my hand to cheer for him, but he grabbed it and pressed his pick into my palm. *________* 

After the encore Jin and Thierry (one of the tour staff) made stage diving. Byo left the stage directly after he sang the last note. It was like “thank you” and then he was gone. Somehow he seemed to be in a bad mood at that day but maybe it was just imagination. Or he was just tired. I don’t know. He gave his best during the live that’s what matters. 

I saw Rui selling merch again after the live. My friend Rin went over to him and gave him her necklace as a present <3 

aaah I want to tell you so much more but this would take foreeeeever. 
I came home around 0:30 and went to bed at 1:45 X_x 
I was so tired today D: 


Thank you for reading~

Here's the stuff I got at the concert:

I had to cencor myself and rin with the pics because we looked ugly. xD

I actually got two big sized photographs but I gave one to Rin because she had none. <3

ooooh and here are three of the drawings I made for screw.
i only had drawings for Rui, Byo and Jin, Manabu and Kazuki got something else. (because I didn't have enough time to draw all 5 members)

just photographed them with my phone.

Thank you for reading darlings~

And don't forget to smile ne? 

Hiki ☆



Hello my beautiful colors~

Sorry for not updating recently I was....
lazy. no excuses xD

Well 2 weeks ago we went to LM.C's live and signing session. It was really cool!!

These were my outfits for signing session and concert:

We drank pretty much at the concert and it was really fun!
After the concert I made a picture with two cute cosplayers who came from and Rin.

Last week I got my new Ma*rs stuff! *^* ↓↓↓↓

I got this skirt von Natsu, thank you!

And the two dresses. They look really cute when worn. the colors on the pic are shitty tho. 

Sooo wednesday iiiiis....


can't wait! ;A;

See you next time~

keep smiling. 

Hiki <3