Almost finished my cos...
And I'm too lazy to write so...



Hiki <3


Schinken, baby! ...

... that's a sentence that made Seita and me laugh while we were lying in bed.
Srsly we talked until 5a.m. in the morning!

Today we cut the wigs for our cosplays.

That means... I cut the wig and she wore them. 8D

I made a before and after pic :D

and no, I'm not a hairdresser... just incredibly talented!! *le big ego~~*... kidding :D
I did my best!!! <3<3

Seita and I were too lazy to put make-up on. X"D

Well... it took me almost 2 hours to cut those wigs.
but it was so much fun :D

keep smiling~



Liebes Tagebuch...

... heute war ein schöner Tag.

well... anyway.

Today Seita came to my place. Again! °^°
And she fell asleep on my couch... AGAIN!!
but she stays over night today :3

sooo I kinda feel guilty cause I don't find time to write with Baku.
Baku, if you read this, I'm sorry! (/___;) I miss you~

OH, OH, OH!!!
I got an invitation from the University in Munich to participate at the qualification test.
The test is on 3rd august so I'll come to Munich on 2nd and 3rd.
That also means I have to learn for the test at the convention °^°)/~~


POCKETS!!! wuuuh .... dunno why but I'm so proud of this pockets. XD

The arm thingies belts blahh... aaand

shoulder .... things.
Srsly, I don't even know what to call this in german XD

Jya~ that's it.
Tomorrow we need to cut and style the wig.
see you then,



コスプレ~ (。・ε・。)

Dam dam dam~

I wanted to make a circle lens review today. but somehow I didn't find the time to make photos. (_ _*)

I met Seita and we had a nice day!

We went to McCafé to drink... coffee (wow, no one would have expected that, right? XD) ~
aaaand after that we went to the mall.
I got myself a curling tong.... finally! Need that thing for the next convention~!
It's huge! ... and it really looks like a fat... never mind.

After that we just hanged out my place, had dinner, watched TV...
Seita fell asleep on my shoulder while we were watching TheSimpsons. Too cute~!
It's something she almost always does when she comes to my place... having a nap for about an hour or two. XD

I also found some time to work on my cosplay costume. (Shin from ViViD if you don't know yet)
seita was watching me...

For the pants! I made those belt thingies by myself and it was a lot of work (it doesn't look like it though).

And sewed them onto the pants. TA-DAA!!! °O°/

Somehow... my cat Giovanni thinks that this are HIS pants...

*needs to get all the cat hair off now... * (_ _")

sooo I think that's it for today.

Ah ah ah, I almost forgot...
I'm sad about Isshi-san.... I feel deeply sorry for his friends, his family and his fans.
I will never forget his beautiful voice~

And Mako-san is leaving V-Last. ... Well... that's his decision, isn't it? I wish him all the best and hope the band finds a new drummer.


Keep smiling :)


Starting a blog.


somehow I felt like starting a blog for... just everything.
It's not that I feel bored... I have a lot of stuff to do but... I just felt like doing this for months now.

I have my ameba blog yes. but it doesn't satisfy me. (_ _*)
(and it's confusing sometimes due to insufficient language knowledge)

I will still post on ameba. but different stuff...
okay maybe sometimes the same... I dunno yet. I'm confused sometimes.

Yeah that's it for now. see you soon!!