Welcome to Pague ~ Part II

Dobrý večer everyone~

Today my parents and I made a big sightseeing tour through Prague.
The city is really really beautiful. Especially the architecture is amazing. I like old buildungs *^*

We had a boat trip on the Moldau river then :D It was really cool!

After that, my Dad and I went to see the Prague Tower, the Television Tower.
It's about 220m high and from above you have a wonderful view!!

At night we had dinner at an italian restaurant. It was delicious! Tomorrow we are going to visit Prague Castle.

Keep smiling! =)

Welcome to Pague ~ Part I

Today my parents and I came to Prague, capital city of Czech Republic.

It took us about 6 hours or more to get here.

First impression of Prague:

1) Beutiful city. Looks like Vienna though XD
2) Alcohol. Everywhere you look there's alcohol. Especially Absinth. They seem to drink and sell this stuff everywhere. Beer is really cheap! It costs only about 1,50 €. Food is also not really expensive.

That's the Moldau river and the Charles Bridge. In the Back you can see the Castle of Prague.
It looks so beautiful at night!

Charles Bridge.

The biggest Music Club and discotheque in Central Europe! I want to go there so much.
But unfortunately I don't have anyone to go with and I don't want to go alone... D:

We went to an original restaurant and had traditional food and beer.

On my way home we stopped at a shop to buy drinks and water for the hotel. There are so many shops calles "mini market" that are opened all night. Like convenience stores.
I wish we had that in Austria as well... it's so useful!


well that's it for today. I need to sleep since my parents want to go sight seeing tomorrow very early!

keep smiling~


My new bellybutton piercing

When Seita stayed at my place on Sunday, we talked about me getting a new (second) bellybutton piercing.
I wasn't sure at all wheter to do it or not.
Because of the money, ya know. Piercings are so expensive... T^T

So we went to the city on monday and I was like:
"okay I'll do it."
5 min. later.
"nah, I'll wait for another month or two..."
5 min. later.
"okay, I want it right now..."
10 minutes later.
"but it's too expensive! I'm not gonna spend so much money on that"
10 minutes later.
"but I want it!!!!"

well I changed my mind about 1886265 times before I actually decided to do it.

It didn't hurt really. Just a short pain, nothing special.

I was really surprised that it only hurt for a short time when I was at home.
After one hour I didn't feel it anymore and even now there's no pain unless you touch it directly (which happened once accidently)

Took that pic in the morning. An there's one of my cats in the background.

That's it for today guys.

Keep smiling :)


New Hair Color


Today I went to the hairdresser.
I wanted to bleach my hair again. But, the hairdresser told me that I can't anymore 'cause my scalp doesn't tolerate the bleach anymore. I get bruises and stuff...
So we decided on a darker colour.

I like that colour. It's somewhere between ash blonde and light brown. Depending on the light it looks greyish or silver.
I still have to dye my extensions in the same colour so that I can wear them again. ^^
Keep smiling :)


キラキラ ☆ I got a package from JAPAN! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Hello!!! ヒキで~~~す!

Today I recieved a package from Japan!


It's my long awaited order from ZealLink Japan.

My V-Last. 『P☆L☆A☆S☆M☆A』single.  

(seriously... who's idea was that title with all that stars? I bet it was yoshi. He's always abusing the use of stars in his blog... XD)

Well here's my whole stuff. CDs, special comment DVD, single autographs and a signed group picture~
This time I ordered both types, because the member cards came with the A-type and the comment DVD and the group card was a goodie of the B-type.

That's my third set of V-Last. autographs. I have them all. Except the "Taishou Nenrei 15sai Miman".
I had ordered those too, but the shopping service lost my CD and the autographs then... T_____T FOREVER SAD!

I really am a freak, right?

Nah, I don't care. Besides ViViD and Lolita23q, V-Last are my absolute favourite band. And they are the only ones I order CDs from. 'Cause they are still starting and I want to support them becoming famous! yay~
(at least I tell that to myself, so that I don't feel sooo bad spending money on stuff like that. haha. I'm buying hungry young J-rockers some food, that's what I do. I mean, look at them! Hiro and Yoshi seem to starve a lot. ... LOL. whatever.)

That's the two CDs and the comment DVD. Aw they look so cute on the B-Type cover (left)...
Well except Mako. He doesn't look cute. He looks like always. Totally failing while trying to look like a bad guy. XD

That's what the signed cards look like.
I realized that their signs look terrible in comparison to those from "Chuudokusei Gata Noise"
You can clearly see how they get more and more lazy doing their signs. tze~ XD

Well well well... I kinda feel sad when I look at Mako's sign. Since it will be the last time I got one. I really liked that guy.
He is... the last part of V-Last. that isn't compleatly pink and coated in cotton candy and purikura sparkles.
Will the remaining four now go and live in a land where there's only lollipops and gummybears?

Well... since it's V-Last. day for me somehow, I have to come up with that old old old old old old picture of me with Shyena. (which I already posted about 18254417 times in 195539 different places.)

But he's just too cute T^T~~~

sooo... well that's enough V-Last. for today (at least in this blog). I need to rip the comment DVD for my V-Last. tumblr fanblog now. http://fuckyeahvlast.tumblr.com/

See you again soon!

Keep smiling :)




Spent the last three days in munich (^3^)
And it was aaaawesome!

Monday was Baku's birthday. And she took me to a very nice japanese restaurant.
After that we went to a bar with with Wacchi, Markus, Mika, Lina, a guy named Goh and another one named Maxi.
We had a lot of fun :D

That's what I looked that day btw.

Thursday Baku and I almost spend the whole day in bed. Haha xD We slept until 2 p.m. and it took us another two hours to get up! XD

At 5 p.m. we met Markus and Maxi in the city.
We walked around a bit and had bubble-tee!! I just can't get enough of that stuff!

Markus and I had the same flavour. Black milk teat with coconut flavour and tapioka pearls.

Oh, look what Baku gave me when I arrived at munich!

It's an original checki of Shyna (singer of V-Last). WOAH YOU CAN'T IMAGINE HOW HAPPY I AM!! (That's thomas cat Hiro in the background btw XD)

So here's a better pic of the checki :)

Today Baku went to England to see her father for 11 days.
I already miss her. (T__T)

I hope she will have a lot of fun there.

I'm still staying at thomas' place (which will be my future flat too, 'cause I am moving in here in september/october) but I will drive back to Austria in the evening :)

Until next time,
Keep smiling!! ;)



Seita and I went shopping today.... and yesterday morning.
Yesterday I bought a cool top with the british flag printed on it *A*

Today I went to the mall to get some shoes I saw yesterday.

They were pretty cheap but I think with the right combination of clothes they will be awesome! :D
The other stuff we bought were mainly hair care products and other girly stuff.

This is Seita's bag full of shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, ect. .... She's a freak!

I finally found a birthday present for my gf. It's her 18th birthday :)
I'm going to wash my hair now with my new expensive shampoo °A°/ me gusta.


プリクラ タイム!! o(゜∇゜*o)(o*゜∇゜)o~♪

Hello my dears~


I already told you that I went to make purikura with my friends in Düsseldorf.
So here are some of them

 Again with Mika. :D

Pictures from Saturday were I wore my Ko-gal outfit :D

Somehow, I really liked it, even if I didn't have the right tie and hair. 
I wanted to wear my hair in curls that day but I didn't have enough time T^T
I want to wear the uniform again soon!! <3

And here are the pictures from Monday:
I looked ... normal and unstyled that day so please ignor that fact XD

At last but not least one with my best friend King Seita:

See you again soon

until then



Animagic Hangover PART II

so and on sunday I was finally able to wear my Shin cosplay. FINALLY!
I was looking forward to that day so much~

I wasn't sure at all if I would look good and stuff, so I was really nervous about how people would react.
But actually all the reactions I revieced were pretty positive *///*
Thank you so much. That means so much to me >///<

Mika took so many great pictures. Thank you so much!!! <3<3<3

With Saya (middle) as Yoshi from V-Last and Seita (right) as Ko-ki from ViViD.
They were so awesome!
And there were so many good cosplayers. I was really amazed!!! *A*/

that are Shou, me, Kou, Dodo, (sozo in the background XD) and seita :D

I also met a really nice girl. She was a Ko-ki cosplayer too. She was cute >3<

And last but not least, a picture with my Wonderful MIKA <3<3<3

Ah... talking of Mika. At the convention she bought me this cute small Mameshiba thingy. It's something like a wallet.

 really cute! I carry it with me in bag all the time. I put my key in it so I can find it easier in my bag!
It's really useful!! <3 Thank you my dear~~
On monday we also went to make purikura together before we had to go back home.
Saying goodbye was really sad. Almost everybody cried. T^T Me too!!

It was so much fun. Thanks to everyone for the great time. I'm already looking forward for next year!!!

Keep smiling <3

Animagic Hangover PART I


Animagic was last weekend I know...
But I didn't find the time to do anything since I had my test at the university and a lot of work.

Well Animagic was sooo great!
Seita, Snii, Rugay and I slept at Shou's place. That was so nice >///<

Saturday I was dressed as Ko-gyaru/Ko-gal

I wore my old japanese school uniform :)

I thought that it would be too warm with the jacket, but it was actually pretty perfect since it wasn't hot at all.
Here's a picture with my wonderful friend Mika <3

I also got the chance to find wonderful new friends! *A* so happy that I met them.

What else abozt Saturday?
Most of the time I was making pictures of my friends.
And in the evening we celebrated Shou's birthday!!! <3 We all sat together and had some drinks. That was nice.

I realize that I'm far tooooo lazy to write more.

haha. but honestly, this convention wasn't somethin you could write about. That's something you had to see with your own eyes. :D