Animagic Hangover PART I


Animagic was last weekend I know...
But I didn't find the time to do anything since I had my test at the university and a lot of work.

Well Animagic was sooo great!
Seita, Snii, Rugay and I slept at Shou's place. That was so nice >///<

Saturday I was dressed as Ko-gyaru/Ko-gal

I wore my old japanese school uniform :)

I thought that it would be too warm with the jacket, but it was actually pretty perfect since it wasn't hot at all.
Here's a picture with my wonderful friend Mika <3

I also got the chance to find wonderful new friends! *A* so happy that I met them.

What else abozt Saturday?
Most of the time I was making pictures of my friends.
And in the evening we celebrated Shou's birthday!!! <3 We all sat together and had some drinks. That was nice.

I realize that I'm far tooooo lazy to write more.

haha. but honestly, this convention wasn't somethin you could write about. That's something you had to see with your own eyes. :D


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