Ma*rs dress + cosplay ヾ(;☆ω☆)ノ

So~ today I tried my new Ma*rs dress, which I got some days ago.
I think I'm goint to wear it on Sunday but I'm not sure yet.

I made my hair in ten minutes today so please don't look at it *lol*
it's about the dress... the dress!

I love those stockings. I got them at calzedonia. 

I also want to wear a jacket with it but the only one that would suit would be this one. 
But i'm not sure if it looks good like this.
Maybe I'm gonna ask Rin if she lends me one of hers instead

I also started with a new nail design for sunday. Long nails in pink, back and white with lots of bling-bling again :D

So what else.

I finished my sailor venus cosplay for saturday. (◕‿◕✿)

I love it. Although my tummy looks ... chubby XD I guess it's because of the shape or these pics, dunno. 

X"D I still have to fix the yellow heart on the bow. And I need my head bow!
And yep I sewed it myself with a LOOOOT of help from my great friends who showed me how to do the body and the skirt! I love you guys.

I'm wearing a wig I got from ebay. It was about 110cm long but I cut it into 100cm and added some layers so that it looks more natural. and also cut the bangs myself. ヾ(;☆ω☆)ノ
I'm pretty satisfied! 

Can't wait for LBM on the weekend, since I'm going to see all my lovely friends again! 
And also I hope to meet some nice new people  (ノ◉ω◉)ノ♥

Seita and I will go to Leipzig by plane. Our departure will be friday around 12. First we fly to Cologne and then from cologne to leipzig. All in all it takes us about 6 hours. It's okay because if we went by train we would need about 12 hours or more. 

I'm not sure when I manage to make a new update, but it will most likely be after the convention. 
Please look forward to it because there will be great pictures! 

Also, please follow my twitter https://twitter.com/#!/kousaiGENESIS (*´∀`人)

Thanks for honeys ♡♡

Keep smiling 

Hiki ♡


  1. that dress if pure love *A*
    have fun in the weekend~

  2. without the jacket the ma*rs dress looks much better!

    1. Yes, but I feel so... naked then ;___;

  3. Lovely pics! And adorable "sailor Venus" cosplay (LLLL)

  4. I love you baby <3
    your look adorable in your dress and also in your cosplay !
    can't wait to cosplay together with you on the weekend <3

  5. Awh that dress looks lovely on you! ^^
    I really like how you did your hair~ Wish I could add volume like that ;_;

  6. For 10 minute hair, it looks really good! I like that style. Also, those are some really cool stockings.
    I hope you have fun at the convention!

  7. The Mars dress really fits you ;)
    Would you make a tutorial how youu do your hair?