On sunday i went to a small market in my town with my family called "Ursulamarkt". Really it's nothing special just a market where you can buy stuff nobody needs like superduper awesome vedgetable graters, corn remedy, fake brand handbags and whatnot.
We only go there because it's free and we had nothing better to do.

But there was a pets corner and a place where they had animals for sale. It was mostly chicken, rabbits and birds and goats LOL
But you could pet some of the rabbits that was cute


Yesterday i just went to university and back home because i had stuff to do.

Today the weather was pretty nice! woah it's gotten warmer here lately!! I went to university and came home around 4 where i continued to draw

I really hate drawing hair i'm not really good at it either... But I love drawing people and people have hair. Well i should draw bald people from now on.

Aaaah i'm not really in writing mood today i'll try again tomorrow haha




people always tellin me to keep blogging. u guys are so cute srsly!!! <33

Haaaa i'll give it a new try but i'll do it a little different from now on. More like a diary? is that okay?

I don't even know where to start uh..
University started last week yay! This year i'm also taking a course in cantonese language!
It's so hard i tell you D:

I haven't really had a japanese lesson yet, they cut japanese lessons this year. we only have it two times a week which is stupid since it's my main subject?? i want to learn something come ooon.
But no use crying over spilled milk, i'll make the best out of it studying as much as i can by my own.

hah it's really hard what to post here and what not since i guess you guys follow me on twitter or tumblr or instagram and already know everything i'm talking about here but whatever.

Yesterday i recieved my copy of Buglug's "hicchakaXmecchaka" wohooooo!!!!
Then i went back to Austria for the weekend and now i can't watch the stuff on the DVDs :(
Woah hey my mom looked at my CDs and was like "Ah it's that guy with the green hair. He is ugly." Excuse you mom Masaumi is not ugly. But still he should change his hair. He's green for too long now please bby.

That's all of the hicckakaXmecckaka stuff. I have a Tsubame trading card.  It's okay i like all members in buglug so i didn't really care. (But i'd have been happier with Masaumi *cough*)

Wow my life is seriously boring i spend my day studying or on tumblr or fangirling. Most of the time i do everything at the same time! i'm so lame.

You know what the highlight of my day was????

I didn't know there was purple.... whatever this is called in english i call it Karfiol in austrian language... but there is!! it grows like this wow! And purple carrots that are purple outside and orange inside wow so cool! Also the rice is some special purple rice.
I think my mom wanted to be creative. but it tasted awesome. (okay it tasted like normal vedgetables and normal rice and the chicken tasted like... i kid you not, chicken!)

Do you see my nailpolish? it's so cool! that's Artdeco's chrome collection.

When my mom woke me up today (because i didn't get up on my own and it was already 2pm) she snapped a picture of me with Gianni sitting on my tummy. That's what he does almost every night. If i sleep on my belly he sits on my butt. I must be comfy. 

I wear pink in my hair currently and i like it a looot. I want more pink. but blue is nice too maybe i'll try blue next time. 

this is what i looked recently

now i'm tired and i don't wanna write anymore i think i'm going to play DS
I'm still playing devil survivor i'm such a slooooow gamer.

see you!


#94 (Healthy-hair talk aka my journey back to blonde)


me again!!

thank you everyone who told me on my tumblr that they enjoy reading my blog posts ヾ(´・ω・`)

And also on my latest blogpost i got so many positive comments on that blonde wig, so that I decided to dye my hair back to blonde again!! I had that in mind for a long time already but I didn't dare to do it because bleaching isn't really the best thing for your hair...

Aaah that wasn't easy, since my hair was reddish before (; ̄ェ ̄)
I decided to consult my hairdresser and together we found a solution for the problem.

My hair used to be something like this color before we started bleaching

Since my hair grew long and i didn't want to cut it, i searched for a solution to bleach without a lot damage. 

We decided to bleach it only a little bit, then wait for a month and repeat it. 

We used 1,9% H2O2 and bleaching powder and left it in for about 1 hour.
Normally, for bleaching your hair you use up to 6% but that's much more aggressive and bad for your hair. So if you use 1,9% and just leave it in longer, it almost has the same effect as 3% or 6% left in for half an hour. (but that's just what my hairdresser told me, i don't really have a clue myself)

to get a more even result, my hairdresser first applied the bleach onto the length where the red was stronger, and then did the roots later. Because otherwise my roots would have been much lighter than the rest and it looks really stupid. 

We applied a repair hair mask after that since the hair was very dry. 

It wasn't as light as i wanted it to be but I was satisfied so far. I knew it would get lighter later on. 
It looked something like this maybe a little bit more orange in normal light. more like the gif down there. 

It would be a lie to say my hair wasn't damaged after that. It was! but I found a good thing that made it better. A lot better!!

The thing is called "Coppola Keratin Complex Infusion" and it is keratin treatment, that you put into your hair after washing. 
It's a little bit expensive but I heard good things about it so I gave it a try. And let me tell you, it worked WONDERS. my hair looked and felt a lot better after a few times of using the stuff. 

This is what it looks like 

The old version had a see through bottle so you could see the pink stuff inside, the new one is white. Mine looks like the second one but sometimes you can still get the one above. 

The serum is pink and looks like cream. You apply it into dry hair and then blow-dry your hair. It's important to use HEAT, because this way it kinda melts into your hair. 

I don't know how it actually works but it does! 
this is what the official homepage says about it:
Keratin Complex Infusion is a unique formulation with advanced infusion technology. This high Ph replenisher automatically opens the cuticle and enters to infuse Keratin proteins and emollients into the hair. Its deep penetrating action repairs and revitalizes hair during blow drying or ironing and closes the cuticle to entrap nourishment. Optimized for use as a daily maintenance to the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Natural Keratin Treatment.
My hair was in good condition after a month. Even the hairdresser was surprised. 
I ordered the keratin complex infusion on amazon.

Last thursday we bleached my hair again and I ordered new clip-in extensions!

Yesterday I was invited to BBQ and my best friend Julia styled my hair. 


I'm a barbie girl again. 

It's still a little bit yellowish on some parts but I can fix that with silver shampoo.

Also I got the results of my exams and I did really well this term! all the studying was worth it! 
I achieved an A in japanese!

I started watching the Anime "Shingeki no Kyojin" and i can really recommend it. I love it!

In two days (on monday) I'm flying to Japan with my dad!
I really want to blog more this time but maybe i'll be lazy so definitely check out my twitter and instagram for updates and pictures!
My nickname is hiki0318 on both platforms. 

See you!!

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜



HelloOooooOooooOO!! щ(゜ロ゜щ)

Long time no see heh?
I'm really sorry, I don't even have an excuse, haha xD

So what happened? I got a new roommate in munich. It's a girl from Austria who's studying chemics (?). Her name is Steffi and we happen to get along very well!

I prepared everything for my next travel to Japan. ヽ(^Д^)ノ

5th August - 11th August Ôsaka!
11th August - 7th September Tôkyô!

I think I already told you that my dad will be coming with me to Ôsaka? I'm really looking forward to that. (^▽^)

whoever is following me on twitter or tumblr probably knows what's going on in my life. It's not really that much. I'm mainly studying or working or spending time with my friends in my freetime.

Some time ago I wore a blond wig and now I really wanna have blond hair again somehow 。゜(`Д´)゜。

like this ^^^^

But I'm too scared to bleach it because my hair grew really long and I just know bleaching will damage it so much... 

my own hair is like this kinda... without the blonde part right now because I colored it one week ago again. 

woah woah the power of make-up guys, I tell you! (;´・`)

Recently I found a really cheap monomania shirt on mbok.jp! Really, if you are looking for  used brand clothes, check out mbok. Japanese usually take good care of their clothes, so I never had trouble with buying something from them. Also the monomania shirt looks like it's been worn only once before. The original price is like 6000yen and I got it for 2500!!  (」゜ロ゜)」

quickly took this pic before university yesterday. 

I guess that's it for this time again? hmmm what else to tell...

AH! I made a drawing some time ago.

This is Masaumi, drummer of Buglug! I felt creative, so i did it! I think I should draw more again but I'm so lazy...

Okay bye!!
see you agaiN!!




Oh it's been to long I updated huh?
Well what's new?

I was able to successfully finish my third semester at university. Stuff's getting serious now! :0

Currently i'm in Austria, chilling at my parent's home. It's really nice.

I didn't post the pics of my pink wig here so I think I'm gonna do that now.

(yeah that pic's edited, my skin is a mess D: but I'll post unedited pictures later too! But this pics shows the color best! )

I really like the color of that wig, it's somewhere between light pink and grey and it's really voluminous.  I cut it into layers so that I could style it the way I wanted. 

Here's a before and after styling pic and some phone selcas:

(i used my camera for those two so they are lighter, still the color is always different in pics than in real life D: pics are taken in the bathroom with the crappy light that's there.)

(taken in natural light with my phone)

Also, I changes my natural hair color! I was going for a light red brown first but I didn't like it so I tried a light copper color for the first time in my life. (It was much more reddish in real) Also I bleached a part of my hair for some contrast. 

I'm not sure but I think I want to let my fringe grow again. I'm not sure if it suits me... 

At the end of february we went to see the MircoHead4n's live in munich. It was really a good life, I was surprised by their performance! I even spent my last money of that month for their CD ;A;

(Tsukasa autograph! u cannot imagine how attracted i am to this man!)

2nd february we went to see the "Distant Words - Music from FinalFantasy" concert. It was very beautiful. 

OH and I bought myself a new laptop!! FINALLY !! I had to work like 5 month to afford it ;A; it's a macbook air. dreams came true. 

Right now I'm waiting for my BugLug live DVD to arrive... man it takes aaaages. 

also i started playing Persona 4 on my PS2. I'm glad I can only play in the kitchen and my mum usually won't let me play there because she wants to watch TV. I'm really glad about that because otherwise I'd just play all day and do nothing. Like this it's limited to 30 min or 1 hour a day. 

I finally finished my homework for university but I still have to study like 300 new kanji /cries/
On the other side, it's good because the more kanji I know the less i have to look up when I read texts in japanese. But I'm such a lazy ass... 

I'm currently planning my next trip Japan with my father. This time he's going to accompany me for two weeks. We want to spend the first week in Ôsaka and travel to Kyôto, Nara and Nagoya. After that he's going to stay a week in Tôkyô with me, we finally want to visit Fuji-san, visit Yokohama and Kamakura. 
After that I'll stay some more weeks in Tôkyô to attend a japanese language school again. At that time my friend Seita, who came with me last year as well, will be joining. 

The date isn't fixed yet but it's around the beginning of august. 

On a site note, it's my birthday next monday.... 

Alright that's it for today. See you again! 





i've recently tried some heavier make-up again.
and also styled my hair. i was only keeping that color for 3 days lol

the haircolor was something like strawberry blonde and I had purple undercolor.
the upper lashes are Ageha lashes and the bottom lashes Diamond Lash

uuuh i dunno really have a good pic of my hair i guess
well let's see

i really love light colors recently, i have my 'beige-phase'

And finally got my dog in the pwo CD




Hello again!

The reason why I stopped blogging here is, because I'm not that much into gyaru scene anymore.
This has different personal reasons.

But anyway, I hope I won't lose to much followers, I still try to be a stylish girl, even tho I don't wear fake eyelashes and gyaru brands that often anymore, haha x)

Since I was away what happened? Not much to be honest.

I november I went to An Cafès live :D Here's my cheki:

I also got a new wig and tried out many different clothing styles. 

I don't really know what to talk about so I'll just post some random pictures ♥

I also got some nice Jeffrey Campbell shoes!! ♥♥

For Christmas, my friends Rin, Kou and Dodo bought me Alpacasso ♥ I'm so happy, I've always wanted to have one!

it's 55cm high and his Name is Karl Pepè! ♥

I want to change my haircolor soon. Maybe red-blone or something like this. I'm tired of being blonde already again lol


XoXo Hiki