Oh it's been to long I updated huh?
Well what's new?

I was able to successfully finish my third semester at university. Stuff's getting serious now! :0

Currently i'm in Austria, chilling at my parent's home. It's really nice.

I didn't post the pics of my pink wig here so I think I'm gonna do that now.

(yeah that pic's edited, my skin is a mess D: but I'll post unedited pictures later too! But this pics shows the color best! )

I really like the color of that wig, it's somewhere between light pink and grey and it's really voluminous.  I cut it into layers so that I could style it the way I wanted. 

Here's a before and after styling pic and some phone selcas:

(i used my camera for those two so they are lighter, still the color is always different in pics than in real life D: pics are taken in the bathroom with the crappy light that's there.)

(taken in natural light with my phone)

Also, I changes my natural hair color! I was going for a light red brown first but I didn't like it so I tried a light copper color for the first time in my life. (It was much more reddish in real) Also I bleached a part of my hair for some contrast. 

I'm not sure but I think I want to let my fringe grow again. I'm not sure if it suits me... 

At the end of february we went to see the MircoHead4n's live in munich. It was really a good life, I was surprised by their performance! I even spent my last money of that month for their CD ;A;

(Tsukasa autograph! u cannot imagine how attracted i am to this man!)

2nd february we went to see the "Distant Words - Music from FinalFantasy" concert. It was very beautiful. 

OH and I bought myself a new laptop!! FINALLY !! I had to work like 5 month to afford it ;A; it's a macbook air. dreams came true. 

Right now I'm waiting for my BugLug live DVD to arrive... man it takes aaaages. 

also i started playing Persona 4 on my PS2. I'm glad I can only play in the kitchen and my mum usually won't let me play there because she wants to watch TV. I'm really glad about that because otherwise I'd just play all day and do nothing. Like this it's limited to 30 min or 1 hour a day. 

I finally finished my homework for university but I still have to study like 300 new kanji /cries/
On the other side, it's good because the more kanji I know the less i have to look up when I read texts in japanese. But I'm such a lazy ass... 

I'm currently planning my next trip Japan with my father. This time he's going to accompany me for two weeks. We want to spend the first week in Ôsaka and travel to Kyôto, Nara and Nagoya. After that he's going to stay a week in Tôkyô with me, we finally want to visit Fuji-san, visit Yokohama and Kamakura. 
After that I'll stay some more weeks in Tôkyô to attend a japanese language school again. At that time my friend Seita, who came with me last year as well, will be joining. 

The date isn't fixed yet but it's around the beginning of august. 

On a site note, it's my birthday next monday.... 

Alright that's it for today. See you again! 



  1. wow, you look awesome, I hope you know that.
    And you're such a talented person when it comes to wig styling. Awesome!!

    1. Thank you very much!! <333

  2. Wow. This wig is awesome.
    I love the color and how you styled it.
    It suits you so well! (*´▽`*)

  3. That wig looks so amazing, the colour's really cute too~ ♡

  4. love that wig on you! ^^

  5. I love the wig! The unicorn hair trend is one of my favorites :)

  6. LOOOOOVE the wig! Also your new hair color looks really good, reminds me of Kanako from egg:)

    1. Ah really? thanks a lot <333

  7. you look really nice with fringe ^.^

  8. Now i know what wig my BF has to get me for my birthday :3

    thank you and i love your blog <3