On sunday i went to a small market in my town with my family called "Ursulamarkt". Really it's nothing special just a market where you can buy stuff nobody needs like superduper awesome vedgetable graters, corn remedy, fake brand handbags and whatnot.
We only go there because it's free and we had nothing better to do.

But there was a pets corner and a place where they had animals for sale. It was mostly chicken, rabbits and birds and goats LOL
But you could pet some of the rabbits that was cute


Yesterday i just went to university and back home because i had stuff to do.

Today the weather was pretty nice! woah it's gotten warmer here lately!! I went to university and came home around 4 where i continued to draw

I really hate drawing hair i'm not really good at it either... But I love drawing people and people have hair. Well i should draw bald people from now on.

Aaaah i'm not really in writing mood today i'll try again tomorrow haha




people always tellin me to keep blogging. u guys are so cute srsly!!! <33

Haaaa i'll give it a new try but i'll do it a little different from now on. More like a diary? is that okay?

I don't even know where to start uh..
University started last week yay! This year i'm also taking a course in cantonese language!
It's so hard i tell you D:

I haven't really had a japanese lesson yet, they cut japanese lessons this year. we only have it two times a week which is stupid since it's my main subject?? i want to learn something come ooon.
But no use crying over spilled milk, i'll make the best out of it studying as much as i can by my own.

hah it's really hard what to post here and what not since i guess you guys follow me on twitter or tumblr or instagram and already know everything i'm talking about here but whatever.

Yesterday i recieved my copy of Buglug's "hicchakaXmecchaka" wohooooo!!!!
Then i went back to Austria for the weekend and now i can't watch the stuff on the DVDs :(
Woah hey my mom looked at my CDs and was like "Ah it's that guy with the green hair. He is ugly." Excuse you mom Masaumi is not ugly. But still he should change his hair. He's green for too long now please bby.

That's all of the hicckakaXmecckaka stuff. I have a Tsubame trading card.  It's okay i like all members in buglug so i didn't really care. (But i'd have been happier with Masaumi *cough*)

Wow my life is seriously boring i spend my day studying or on tumblr or fangirling. Most of the time i do everything at the same time! i'm so lame.

You know what the highlight of my day was????

I didn't know there was purple.... whatever this is called in english i call it Karfiol in austrian language... but there is!! it grows like this wow! And purple carrots that are purple outside and orange inside wow so cool! Also the rice is some special purple rice.
I think my mom wanted to be creative. but it tasted awesome. (okay it tasted like normal vedgetables and normal rice and the chicken tasted like... i kid you not, chicken!)

Do you see my nailpolish? it's so cool! that's Artdeco's chrome collection.

When my mom woke me up today (because i didn't get up on my own and it was already 2pm) she snapped a picture of me with Gianni sitting on my tummy. That's what he does almost every night. If i sleep on my belly he sits on my butt. I must be comfy. 

I wear pink in my hair currently and i like it a looot. I want more pink. but blue is nice too maybe i'll try blue next time. 

this is what i looked recently

now i'm tired and i don't wanna write anymore i think i'm going to play DS
I'm still playing devil survivor i'm such a slooooow gamer.

see you!