Long time no see~ (・∀・ )

Well as university started I got really busy so I didn't find the time for blogging. gomen ne~

So what happened?

We made HUUUUGEEEE progress in our japanese class. We already learned about 100 kanji (active) and I we're able to make conversations and read short stories.
well that doesn't sound much, but it actually is impressive, especially for the people who didn't know any japanese before.
For me there's not much new but I also learned some stuff I didn't know yet.

Today we started reading the fairytale of "Momotarou".

Momotarou came to Earth inside a giant peach, which was found floating down a river by an old, childless woman who was washing clothes there. The woman and her husband discovered the child when they tried to open the peach to eat it. The child explained that he had been sent by Heaven to be their son. The couple named him Momotarou, (Momo means peach. So it's the "peachboy")

Munich is a nice place to live and I found so many new friends at university! (◕‿◕✿) 
We always have so much fun! They are all as crazy as me. lol 
Finally my humor is fully apreciated!

This is university's main building by the way~ I think it is very pretty!

Since I joined university I also tried out some new styles in clothing and stuff.

oh and that rilakkuma Iphone case is cute! I got it from mika <3
(last pic is the newest. I think my thighs have gotten thinner? maybe? xD)

Anyway, as you can see I have a lot of fun editing pics with my iphone. *laughs*

Two weeks ago I went to a dance prom with Seita.

prom style~

Well that's it for today!

I'll try to keep updating more often.

Keep smiling~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


I don't dance

Do you know this song of sunrise avenue? It's awesome~ Listened to it every day last week, haha.

Anyway that wasn't what I wantet to post about.

I went back home to spend the weekend at home with my family.
First week at university was awesome, but exhausting x__x

In this first week I had 6hours of Basic Japanese lessons (conversation mainly), 2h of Kanji lessons, 2h of Japanese Grammar, 2h Japanese history/culture, 2h Literature and 2h Korean.
Korean is the hardest thing out of all. I just get the pronounciation!

Since I'm a girl, it's also time to show some new stuff (I'm buying a lot recently I know... that's because I need so many new clothes because I don't really fit into old ones.)

I needed a new bag to carry my university stuff with me. All my bags are too small and my backpack is trash...

I found this super awesome backpack of the japanese brand "sixh."

It's a cat!! (well... this brand has a lot of things with cats on them (90% of their stuff? XD) that's why I love it so much *^*)

Today I met Seita and we went shopping because she needed some clothes and I needed stuff for university.
I didn't want to buy anything but then I saw this cool jacket and scarf ;__;
I just had to take them with meee...

The scarf has skull print on it, but it shimmers and glitters, so it's elegant and cool at the same time. I think the jacket will go well with hotpants, leggins and boots *^*
The shirt is one of the partner shirts Seita and I found today.

She's got the black one and I've got the white one. I think this is such a cute idea!

Tomorrow I'm going to study! And I have so much homework to do x__x
I've gotta write a text in japanese about my ecperiences in Japan. Woah... that's gonna be hard. I'll give my best!! yep!!

and that's why I have to go to bed now~~~

Good night! Keep smiling :D


New stuff + ViViD Autographs + Clothes pics

Hello Girls (and Boys, maybe? o-o)

University started and it is AWESOME. Really, I love it to go there.
And I already made friends! *^*
All the people are so nice~~~

Yesterday I went shopping with Mika <3
Today after Japanese class, I went to NeoTokyo Store with Carolin, Sabrina and Marion. (Well... I went there yesterday too, but I didn't buy anything...)

Sooo I got some new cool things to show. BUT first of all.

I ... got... ViViD.... AUTOGRAPHS


They are in the booklet from "Precious" CD (so I got "precious" lmtd. edition as well of course*^*)

That's so cool *^*

Aaaand I bought a shoxx and a ranzuki magazine.
With the shoxx I finally got the bog poster of Shin *____*

Well, but besides that... I doesn't like what is in the magazine. ... And I don't need the Gazette poster either. So I'll sell it for 8€ together with the Gazette poster. It's brand new and I only looked through the pages once. If you are interested, just tell me (facebook, blog, phone, whatever~)

I also bought this supercute Korilakkuma glasses. Well... I don't know what I need them for... but.... I NEED THEM!

Last but not least, I'll show you, how I dress myself here in Munich usually to go to university. 

Sorry that I cencored my face, but I looked awful, since I have very bad skin right now :/ I don't know why. I think it's because of the new athmosphere here in Germany. I'm not used to Munich air, haha.
I think that's it for today. 

Keep smiling. :)
Hugs and Kisses


Long time no see

I haven't posted anything for a while.
My pageviews have gotten down noooo!!

So... well... what happened last week?

Not much really. I just hung around all day at home, met Seita and sat in front of my PC.
Well... one of my favourite bands, V-Last, announced their disbanding. That was sad, but i can't do anything against it. I hope the members continue with making music.

Today I came back to munich, and when I arrived, I first saw that I got a letter from Estonia, which contained two originally signed photocards!! Hikaru and Born *A* Well I don't like D=Out that much, but Hikaru is quite cute isn't he? ^3^

When I walked into the kitched, there was the NEXT SURPRISE!!!

On the table there was a message from my friend Wacchi and.......
5 ViViD trading cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 ;A; How do I deserve this? ;//////;
Thank you so much!

Third surprise was that I finally finally finally got the clothes that I ordered on ebay sometimes ago. Cool harem pants and a nice shirt. I'm gonna make a picture of that when there's time.

What else to tell what else to tell?

Uhm... I got a new wallet. It's pretty cool :>

AAAND ViViD's FAKE PV preview is finally out. Well that's not news... but still!!
Shin looks amazing LOOK, LOOK!

Ok that's all...
I'm getting some self-made sushi from Thomas now. omnomnom

Tomorrow There'll be my first Japanese lesson at university! yay

So see you again! :3

Keep smiling :)


New Piercing... again!

I did it again!

Yesterday I picked up my best friend from school and tried my ATM card again. And yes, it worked! So it's not broken.

And then I told her that I could get my new pircing now. She said, that she wanted one too, so it was decided.
15 minutes later we already sat on the chair at the piercing studio.

And that's what I got

I wanted to have vertical tragus, but I decided on this surface then. :)

It was painful at the first moment, but right now I don't feel it at all. It even didn't hurt, when I slept on this side at night.

My friend got herself a tragus piercing. (left)

I think this will be the last piercing for now. I don't know what else to get.
I want a new tattoo next time! XD

... OH!

I just found this super cute pic of Shin! (/___\) Such a beauty!

well, that's all.

Good night!
Keep smiling :)


Thank you!

Over 30 followers here!

Thank you so much!

And 222 followers on Tumblr too!! *w*

I love you all~ 

Keep following ne~ ^w^

So what about today? uuuhm... I met Seita, since she came back from Vienna. We spent the day together and she treated me for lunch!
She cheered me up a lot. 

I don't know if you already know, but my love and I broke up yesterday. We didn't get into a fight, but due to some recent circumstances, we decided that it was the best desicion. I don't want to say anymore about it.
I'm still sad, but I can't change feelings anyway and life has to continue.

Anyway. I discovered a new techniqe to style my hair. Somehow I'm very happy about that, since I'm so much faster now when doing my hair. (My short hair. Extensions still are a different topic xD)

My Dad and I decided on my new cellphone today. We had a long talk about smartphones and discussed the pros and contras of an iPhone. I came to the decision that I want an android based phone after all. Maybe I'm going to take Samsung Galaxy SII, since I like that big display. 

What else?
I wanted to get a new piercing today, but unfortunately I couldn't withdraw money at the ATM T^T... So new piercing has to wait. I think my ATM card is damaged T______T don't ask me how this happened.

I guess that's all for today.
I don't have any plans for tomorrow... I wanted to go shopping, but my ATM card says "no.".
Maybe Seita is going to visit me in the evening, we'll see. :)

Good night & Keep smiling ;)



Hello readers!

I was at work today. Although it was sunday...

But I had a lot of time to play around with a cool new editing program for my cellphone, that was fun!

Today I felt like dressing myself in my "old " style. I used to run around rather boyish until I discovered gyaru style.

I'm still not sure which style I'm most satisfied with...
I like the girlish style but I still feel more comfortable this way sometimes...

taken in my work place's bathroom~ XD

I tried outr a nwe technique to style my hair. It actually took me 5 minutes today to style it this way.
There's one strand hanging wrongly into my face I know.... that really pisses me off. why haven't I seen this while taking pictures?

anyway... I'm not sure which style suits me the most...

Oh oh oh, my princess MIKA made a picture for me today

Thank you so much!1 o(>///<)o

So I made one for her too~

Sorry for the bad quality. The cam of the cellphone is not so good...

That's all for today.
See you tommorow guys.

Keep smiling :)


"Newhalf" and "Transgyaru" in Japan (image heavy)

Today I want to talk about a rather... explicit topic that I'm doing some research about recently.

That is: Newhalf

What’s a Newhalf?
To explain it very easy, ‘Newhalf’ (ニューハーフ) is a Japanese slang term for ‘transexual’.

I've come across this, while I was doing some research on Irokui's ex vocalist, who now also referrs himself as newhalf. 
Don't ask me why I'm so interested in this, but it kinda fascinated me, how these people seem create a completely new gender which is somwhere inbetwwen man and women. Well it's not much different from western transsexuals, I guess, I'm not educated enough in the western transsexual scene. 
Anyway, I've checked out a lot of blogs of newhalves, and there they even state "newhalf" or "NH" as their gender. However some of them referr themselves as "female" while other still have "male" written on their profile. But 90% uses the term NH.

There's also a rather new Trend called "Transgyaru". I guess you can figure out by yourself what that means.

Most of newhalves work in the section "adult entertainment". Some of them are hostesses and some do porn movies and stuff. 

Sexual Orientation varies. There are newhalves that like men, some that are into women, most of them state themselves as bisexual. 

so... what you really want is PICTURES!! i know it.

I'd like to start with the ex vocalis of Irokui, since he's the reason I started doing investigation.

He now calls himself Yu Takizawa and looks like this:

srsly... Would you ever think that's a man when you meet him on the street?

Here are a couple of pictures of  Transgyaru. 


Ayu (right)



You get the Idea right? 

Well there's one NH I really like. He/She (I'm not sure how to call newhalves) is called "Jyuri".
I've become a real fan X"D

I think he still looks a little bit "manly". well... I guess that's cause he's also into visual kei style and looks like a j-rock artist (with big boobs though o_o) XD I think he's so pretty!! 
Here's his ameba blog if you are interested: http://ameblo.jp/jyuriririri/

Oh I also found western Transgyaru!

and last but not least: 

The title says: "KuroGAL and Newhalf 3"
real girl + newhalves is also a new trend in the porn scene.

I hope you don't unfollow me because of this post. But I just had to write down my thoughts somewhere. X"D

Keep Smiling :)