I don't dance

Do you know this song of sunrise avenue? It's awesome~ Listened to it every day last week, haha.

Anyway that wasn't what I wantet to post about.

I went back home to spend the weekend at home with my family.
First week at university was awesome, but exhausting x__x

In this first week I had 6hours of Basic Japanese lessons (conversation mainly), 2h of Kanji lessons, 2h of Japanese Grammar, 2h Japanese history/culture, 2h Literature and 2h Korean.
Korean is the hardest thing out of all. I just get the pronounciation!

Since I'm a girl, it's also time to show some new stuff (I'm buying a lot recently I know... that's because I need so many new clothes because I don't really fit into old ones.)

I needed a new bag to carry my university stuff with me. All my bags are too small and my backpack is trash...

I found this super awesome backpack of the japanese brand "sixh."

It's a cat!! (well... this brand has a lot of things with cats on them (90% of their stuff? XD) that's why I love it so much *^*)

Today I met Seita and we went shopping because she needed some clothes and I needed stuff for university.
I didn't want to buy anything but then I saw this cool jacket and scarf ;__;
I just had to take them with meee...

The scarf has skull print on it, but it shimmers and glitters, so it's elegant and cool at the same time. I think the jacket will go well with hotpants, leggins and boots *^*
The shirt is one of the partner shirts Seita and I found today.

She's got the black one and I've got the white one. I think this is such a cute idea!

Tomorrow I'm going to study! And I have so much homework to do x__x
I've gotta write a text in japanese about my ecperiences in Japan. Woah... that's gonna be hard. I'll give my best!! yep!!

and that's why I have to go to bed now~~~

Good night! Keep smiling :D


  1. Das Lied is voll der Ohrwurm xDDD

    Und der Rucksack is so mega süß *O*

  2. hast du den rucksack online gekauft? ich liebe diese katze! wenn ja magst du mir sagen wieviel du bezahlt hast?

  3. Danke Suzu :)

    @Miharu: Ich hab ihn im Neo Tokyo bekommen in München >< Uhm und ich denke er hat sowas um die 80 euro gekostet~

  4. danke für die info :)
    hm ist dann doch n bissl teuer, aber is halt sixh x'D >3<