Toy Soldier. + Inspiration Post


I wasn't feeling well today. I think I catched a cold or something.
I was sleeping almost the whole day but I'm feeling better now.

SuG's new Toy Soldier PV is out. yaay~

I don't like the song (yet) but Takeru is beautiful as always and I enjoy looking at him. Yuji's shirt is so cool! I want it T^T

I don't know  what to write about, since I didn't do anything today, that's why I wanted to make a inspiration post. Clothes, Styles and Girls that inspire me...

My favourite japanese model is Kawabata Kanako 

I really love her style. She's the only girl I'd look at and say: "Wow I wish I'd look like that!"

Her outfits are always so cool. If I had this figure, that's exactly what I would wear too! But unfortionately, I'm not as slim as her T_T



She's wearing so many different styles. It's really hard to say which gyaru style she actually wears.
I just can say: I love this girl, whaterver she's wearing.

Here are some other girls and outfits that I think look pretty cool. 

Well, right now I'm pretty much into simple hairstyles and boots. OMG., I love boots.
I'd like to wear hotpants more  often... but... I NEED THINNER LEGS!!! D:

Well, just one last picture before I go to bed today:

It makes me happy to see my two favourite boys together in one picture. *^*


keep smiling :)

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  1. Ich will Yujis Shirt auch haben >__<
    Warum is unser Geschmack so ähnlich? x33


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