I finally recieved my new contact lenses!

G&G King Size Circle Brown
Diameter: 14.5mm

pic is a little bit blurry I'm sorry it was the best I took >_< 

I'm really satisfied with those lenses. They are so comfortable and have perfect enlargement!
I wore them a whole day at university and I didn't feel them at all~ 
Best thing is, that when I'm wearing them, it's not so obvious that I'm wearing circle lenses, since they match perfectly with my eye color. 

So what else? 
I tried to style my hair a little bit "VKish"again. Just felt like it. :"D

finally my own hair seems to grow a little bit longer. It took me over one year to get the length I have now! ;A;
Some people say this looks better on me than gyaru, others say gyaru suits me more and some say they like both. xD
I really don't know. I love VK but I preferr being "girly" lately I guess. 

So what's new?
aaah yeees~ A guy came into my life! no not really... 
There's a japanese boy I'm having a lot of contact to lately. He wrote me a message on ameba and that's how we started talking. 
And now we are mailing daily, sending each other pictures and stuff. He's a really nice guy and talking to him helps me improve my japanese a lot. He corrects my wrong sentences and is really patient with my crappy japanese, always telling me how to write the sentences proplerly. 
I'm not thaaat bad I guess, but I keep mixing up the particles constantly ;___;

anyway that's it for today ne~

Keep smiling guys <3 I love you all





How have you been?

This will be a short update on my new wig~

It looks really "real" (xD) and it's so soft~ Also it has two colors, one side of the pony is a little bit darker (but you can't see it that well on the pictures, dunno why ;_;)

also, I tried to make myself bottom lashes by cutting upperlashes. But i'm not really satisfied... 
I really need good bottoms, but I don't have money for that right now... ordered too much last month.

I think in this picture you can see it better that one side of the wig is a little bit darker~

Aaah, it was midnight when I started doing my make-up... that's why i looks messy. xD I always have the worst times for working on eye make-up.

wheee webcam picture spam from midnight~

so what else?
Recently I'm writing a lot with some japanese bandmen, haha. One of them told me that he likes "koakuma" gyaru styles and that it really suits me.
I was happy to hear that~~~

Koakuma is really cool~ Especially the hairstyles.
But it would be hard to focus on koakuma because... it's a style you can't really wear every day.

Ah, talking about outfits, this was my favourite outfit from last week.

I've gained some weight recently but I just can't stop eating! ;_____________;
I feel pregnant ;_; (but impossible! xD)

Now I have to finish my japanese homework!

See you next time~
Keep smiling :)

xoxo Hiki