LBM part I - Cosplay + Birthday (image heavy)

Hello my lovely readers~ 

Last weekend Seita and I went to Leipzig for the Leipziger Buchmesse.
It was great we had a lot of fun! 
I don't want to write too much, because... well it was a convention and there... convention stuff happens *laughs*

On Saturday I wore my Sailor venus Cosplay. We had a group and we all looked so great! We couldn't even walk 5 meters without people asking us to pose for pictures xD It was cool, but also exhausting~

And my Shoes... oh god those Shoes, they almost killed me. They where the mos uncomfortable Shoes I ever wore in my entire life xD

We took some really cool pics~ :D

On sunday, it was my birthday~ But we already stayed up until midnight on Saturday, and my friends where there to celebrate with me already! Thank you so much, I was soooo happy!
I got my birthday cake on Sunday, so on Saturday night, I got this:

It's Nutella and Bread! And Seita's phone with a candle app. xDDD 
I also got some of my birthday presents but I want to mention them in my next post ;)
But on top of the bread you can see a little figure of Shin, which Rin made for me. It's so cute *///*

My friends sang "Happy Birthday" to me and.... I don't know this whole situation was so nice, I felt really really happy. Thank you so much!

Also on Saturday morning, I was doing Seita's hair! It took me quite an hour but it looked really cool in the end.

Okay that's enough for the first post, thank you for reading~

Keep smiling :)

Hiki <3


  1. Ich hab schon die ganze Woche auf die Fotos gewartet xDDDD; ihr habt echt toll ausgesehen ;O; ich bin begeistert! und seita is voll hübsch auf den fotos C: me likey me likey!

  2. KYAAAAAAAAA!! Lovely Sailor Moon cosplay-group!!! *^*
    I wanna too!

  3. Du sahst total hübschi aus :3

  4. Oh wow I have to say you to cosplay my favourite anime series and still look awesome,great job! I'm thinking about cosplaying sailor mars and need a good costume.Did you buy yours or make it?:)

    1. Oh thank you so much!! <3
      Yes I made it myself <3

  5. Lovely cosplay! And Seita IS a boy right?

    1. Thank you!! Nope, Seita is a girl! XDD

  6. you make a really cute Sailor V! very nice cosplay :)

  7. Nice Pics. Why not nude?