LBM Part II (image heavy)

hello~ :)

So here's part two of my weekend report~

On Sunday was my birthday! YAY! ... I got old... T_T"

In the morning we went to chrissi's place and there we ate japanese strawberry cake which chrissi and chrissi's mum made for us. It was sooo goood *___*

I was wearing my Ma*rs dress that day~
i felt good in it, although those stockings kept sliding down all the time. DDDD: Because of my nails I couldn't pull them up again on my own, so Seita had to do it all the time LOOL

Here are some pics of the Shooting~ :)
I was happy with my hair that day, but at the time of the shooting it was already messy and kinda flat ;___; I should have worn a wig T_T


With "Saga" ;))) and with Rin  in her lovely Lolita dress *^*

With Suchti and Seita <3<3<3<3
(oh I love my hair in this pic :"D)

And here's a pic of my nails. I did them myself again, but this time it wasn't something that special~
I didn't want to wear them too long since I had to use my hands a lot all day LOL and I was afraid that they might disturb me. 

Since it was my birthday, I also recieved presents from my friends. I told them that they didn't have to give me anything but they didn't listen T3T"" But of course I was very happy about my presents, even if I'm always feeling bad, when someone is spending money on me. 
Thank you soooo so so sososososo much guys!

Rin made me this cute little Shin out of fimo <3 Then there's a pic from the cake! From Seita I recieved this dotted adidas jacket. She know's I love adidas so much. I also got a second one from her. It's black and the adidas logo on the back is made with rhinestones! It looks so pretty but unfortunately you can't see it that well on the pictures. When I saw the jackets I was so happy and overwhelmed I almost started to cry. the T-shirt was a gift from Kou and Suchti. It's perfect for me isn't it? *^* Chrissi and Dodo got me this cute Korilakkuma and panda plushiers >///< and Rin also gave me the cat and the little mushroom! I'm going to take all these things with me to Munich and whenever I feel lonely, they will remind me of my wonderful friends. I love you so much!

On Sunday we had to say good bye, since mostly all of my friends had to go back home. I hate good-byes ;A; 
It's really sad that so many of my friends live so far away and I can see them only once or twice a year...
Seita and I stayed one more night at Suchti's place, since our plane was departing the next morning.

Oh yeah the plane... :"D 
We almost missed it! There was too much traffic on the streets and we arrived at the airport when there was already bording time at our gate! Fortunately we still could check in our luggage and then ran to our gate and everything went fine. OMG so lucky!!!

so and then there are GOOOD NEWS!!
When I came home I checked the results of our university exams aaaaaan I passed them all! YAAY! And I passed my Japanese Language Exam with 1,0 which is the best grade you can achieve!! I'm so happy ;A;

yesyes that's it!

Thank you for reading!!

Keep smiling :))))))



  1. das ma*rs outfit steht dir echt gut *_*
    und allgemein echt schöne fotos

  2. I love your hair colour! You're so cute~
    Hehe, these pics are cute too. Sagaaaa! ^_^
    Looks like a nice birthday. I know the feeling of having friends live far away and not being able to see them. Time spent together always feels too short!

  3. WOW WOW,I really like your hair style at those pics!