"Newhalf" and "Transgyaru" in Japan (image heavy)

Today I want to talk about a rather... explicit topic that I'm doing some research about recently.

That is: Newhalf

What’s a Newhalf?
To explain it very easy, ‘Newhalf’ (ニューハーフ) is a Japanese slang term for ‘transexual’.

I've come across this, while I was doing some research on Irokui's ex vocalist, who now also referrs himself as newhalf. 
Don't ask me why I'm so interested in this, but it kinda fascinated me, how these people seem create a completely new gender which is somwhere inbetwwen man and women. Well it's not much different from western transsexuals, I guess, I'm not educated enough in the western transsexual scene. 
Anyway, I've checked out a lot of blogs of newhalves, and there they even state "newhalf" or "NH" as their gender. However some of them referr themselves as "female" while other still have "male" written on their profile. But 90% uses the term NH.

There's also a rather new Trend called "Transgyaru". I guess you can figure out by yourself what that means.

Most of newhalves work in the section "adult entertainment". Some of them are hostesses and some do porn movies and stuff. 

Sexual Orientation varies. There are newhalves that like men, some that are into women, most of them state themselves as bisexual. 

so... what you really want is PICTURES!! i know it.

I'd like to start with the ex vocalis of Irokui, since he's the reason I started doing investigation.

He now calls himself Yu Takizawa and looks like this:

srsly... Would you ever think that's a man when you meet him on the street?

Here are a couple of pictures of  Transgyaru. 


Ayu (right)



You get the Idea right? 

Well there's one NH I really like. He/She (I'm not sure how to call newhalves) is called "Jyuri".
I've become a real fan X"D

I think he still looks a little bit "manly". well... I guess that's cause he's also into visual kei style and looks like a j-rock artist (with big boobs though o_o) XD I think he's so pretty!! 
Here's his ameba blog if you are interested: http://ameblo.jp/jyuriririri/

Oh I also found western Transgyaru!

and last but not least: 

The title says: "KuroGAL and Newhalf 3"
real girl + newhalves is also a new trend in the porn scene.

I hope you don't unfollow me because of this post. But I just had to write down my thoughts somewhere. X"D

Keep Smiling :)


  1. http://www.shemale-japan.com/tour/galleries/95/image_75183.jpg das ist dieser jyuri :D dreht pornos

  2. ich weiß dass er das macht XD ich mag ihn trotzdem. er's hübsch.

  3. the Japanese pull off looking like a pretty lady so well... they already did it with vk. now gyaru.. mmmm so cool~( ゚∀゚)

  4. awww finally I know the name of Jyuri XD shemales looks beautiful but I can't see a sence in making myself (if I was a boy) guy with big boobs, cute face and dick XD who is intrested in this kind of people? (I mean who whould date the? oO) maybe i'm not pervert enough XD

  5. Nice, haha!
    They do it great!