University~ first day!

Hello readers :)

Today was my first day at university in munich.
I had to be there at 7:30 in order to complete my registration first.

The light looked so beutiful in the morning. *-*
The registration took about 2 hours. There were so many foreign people who wantet to register today. And there where only about 2 people working there. >_>"

Well after that I had my first "lesson" which wasn't actually a lesson because it was just... introducing each others and informations were given and... yeah stuff like that.

I was very shy and hardly talked to anyone today. BUT there were about three people coming over to me, saying my outfit looked good. *-*

That's the main building of the Ludwig-Maximians-University

In the afternoon, Baku came to my place. She fell asleep on my couch while I was cooking pasta. That was so cute x"D  ♥
And last but not least, that was my outfit for today:

shirt: pimkie, hotpants: zara, leggins: h&m
(I was also wearing a jacket but somehow I made the pictures before putting it on ô_o what is sense?)

That's it for today!! 



  1. aw, dein outfit sieht so süß aus <3<3

  2. du siehst so gut aus *___*