New Piercing... again!

I did it again!

Yesterday I picked up my best friend from school and tried my ATM card again. And yes, it worked! So it's not broken.

And then I told her that I could get my new pircing now. She said, that she wanted one too, so it was decided.
15 minutes later we already sat on the chair at the piercing studio.

And that's what I got

I wanted to have vertical tragus, but I decided on this surface then. :)

It was painful at the first moment, but right now I don't feel it at all. It even didn't hurt, when I slept on this side at night.

My friend got herself a tragus piercing. (left)

I think this will be the last piercing for now. I don't know what else to get.
I want a new tattoo next time! XD

... OH!

I just found this super cute pic of Shin! (/___\) Such a beauty!

well, that's all.

Good night!
Keep smiling :)