New stuff + ViViD Autographs + Clothes pics

Hello Girls (and Boys, maybe? o-o)

University started and it is AWESOME. Really, I love it to go there.
And I already made friends! *^*
All the people are so nice~~~

Yesterday I went shopping with Mika <3
Today after Japanese class, I went to NeoTokyo Store with Carolin, Sabrina and Marion. (Well... I went there yesterday too, but I didn't buy anything...)

Sooo I got some new cool things to show. BUT first of all.

I ... got... ViViD.... AUTOGRAPHS


They are in the booklet from "Precious" CD (so I got "precious" lmtd. edition as well of course*^*)

That's so cool *^*

Aaaand I bought a shoxx and a ranzuki magazine.
With the shoxx I finally got the bog poster of Shin *____*

Well, but besides that... I doesn't like what is in the magazine. ... And I don't need the Gazette poster either. So I'll sell it for 8€ together with the Gazette poster. It's brand new and I only looked through the pages once. If you are interested, just tell me (facebook, blog, phone, whatever~)

I also bought this supercute Korilakkuma glasses. Well... I don't know what I need them for... but.... I NEED THEM!

Last but not least, I'll show you, how I dress myself here in Munich usually to go to university. 

Sorry that I cencored my face, but I looked awful, since I have very bad skin right now :/ I don't know why. I think it's because of the new athmosphere here in Germany. I'm not used to Munich air, haha.
I think that's it for today. 

Keep smiling. :)
Hugs and Kisses


  1. it's so cute! ///´0`///

  2. du siehst so süüüß aus *____*
    und die Autogramme sind sau cool O_O Glückwunsch !

  3. awww. q 3 q
    Iv autogramm~ * u * <3
    ich würd gern die zeitschrift mit dem gaze poster haben. hab eh Geld von meiner sis bekommen. >D

  4. So süße Outfits. *__*
    Und die Korilakkuma Gläser sind einfach nur ♥♥♥