Long time no see

I haven't posted anything for a while.
My pageviews have gotten down noooo!!

So... well... what happened last week?

Not much really. I just hung around all day at home, met Seita and sat in front of my PC.
Well... one of my favourite bands, V-Last, announced their disbanding. That was sad, but i can't do anything against it. I hope the members continue with making music.

Today I came back to munich, and when I arrived, I first saw that I got a letter from Estonia, which contained two originally signed photocards!! Hikaru and Born *A* Well I don't like D=Out that much, but Hikaru is quite cute isn't he? ^3^

When I walked into the kitched, there was the NEXT SURPRISE!!!

On the table there was a message from my friend Wacchi and.......
5 ViViD trading cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 ;A; How do I deserve this? ;//////;
Thank you so much!

Third surprise was that I finally finally finally got the clothes that I ordered on ebay sometimes ago. Cool harem pants and a nice shirt. I'm gonna make a picture of that when there's time.

What else to tell what else to tell?

Uhm... I got a new wallet. It's pretty cool :>

AAAND ViViD's FAKE PV preview is finally out. Well that's not news... but still!!
Shin looks amazing LOOK, LOOK!

Ok that's all...
I'm getting some self-made sushi from Thomas now. omnomnom

Tomorrow There'll be my first Japanese lesson at university! yay

So see you again! :3

Keep smiling :)

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  1. MOA GEIL .
    und diese ausschnitte aus dem PV sind UNNÖTIG FUUUUU