today was cleaning day :D

I threw away tons of old stuff from my room in Austria. Since I brought some things from Munich i need storage.

tomorrow I have to clean out my closet and give away old ugly clothes I'm not wearing anymore or that don't fit anymore. maybe I'll sell some visual kei clothes that i've never worn, we'll see :)

somewhere during all my stuff i found old pictures from my first japan trip in 2007!

beware of the 17 year old chubby teenage me:

i went to nara with my guest family that day :D

it was really cool. Nara is a good place to go if you want to see beautiful old temples.
actually i know a really nice guy who lives in Nara. He'll also come to Tokyo in two weeks and we will meet each other ^^

OH and for the first time I blog from my iPad. It's weird... but I have to get used to it since that will be all I have in tokyo. Not going to take my heavy laptop with me. 

so that's it, I'm gonna go to bed early today :3

keep smiling


I blog with BE Write




my exams are finally over yay!! No I'm waiting for the results.

And there's some news to tell :)

I got myself a grey/silver wig recently and this is how it looks:

the wig setting is not finished yet I still have to cut some layers and work a bit on it. 

recently I hate pictures where I have no cellphone in front of my face. I dunno but my face becomes weirder the more weight i lose and I'm not satisfied with it at all :(

On Sunday Seita came to visit me and we went to Anli Pollicino and A(エース) live at Feierwerk in Munich.
Surprisingly it was more fun than expected. Especially Anli are really cool and their Music is so much fun. 
But yeah we also had some Alcohol before to be honest xD 

We met Dodo and Kou at the concert! I was so happy to see them again. ♥
Also met Yuki, Yu, Jin and Kizu and saw many other people I knew *-*
Sorry I couldn't talk to you all, lives are always stressful for me I don't know how to handle a bigger number of humans.

The two bands also gave signs and too bad I drank alcohol and behaved retarded in front of the members.
I only wanted to go to Anli to get signs because I didn't have anything to sign for A and passed the A guys and Rookie Fiddler was the first and he looked at me, frowned and asked "don't you want signs?" and I said "no, I'm sorry your fotoset was too expensive." He laughed. And the same thing with every A member. They all expected me to give them something to sign and I just stared at them and threw some random japanese phrases against them.
Woah and about that Rookie fiddler guy. I was so shocked because his head was sooooo big. I mean a lot of Japanese people have big heads but really... this was the biggest head I've ever seen. 

The Anli Pollicino guys were all so nice. They thanked their fans so much for coming and Takuma said he really wants to come again. Yo-1 is such a cutie, he smiles like the sun! Shindy looked beautiful. When I stood right in front of him I was amazed. I was nervous about what to say to him and I ended up making a compliment about his hair, lol. 

Anyway it was fun!
This was my styling: 

I decided on some visual-kei inspired styling and wore my red wig and styled it a little bit.

herpderping with le seita:

Oh Oh I got a present from Kou!
It's a flip-flap-flower!! 
Too bad I forgot to make a picture ><

anyway it looks like this:

and when the suns shine it starts flip-flapping from one side to the other, yay *A*
It's a totally useless thing but it's so cool!

On monday and tuesday I had tests and on wednesday we had a short byebye-party for our Japanese teacher Murata-sensei.
She won't be our teacher next year because she will be the teacher of the first years again ;_;

I will miss her very much. She was a very good teacher. 

We gave her a present we all made together :)

and that's her ^^

The twins made muffins! They were so cute and really deslicious ♥

On thursday I had to move out from my old room and my dad came to munich to bring my furniture to my new appartment. Well at least we could store them at the attic there since I have to wait until september until I can move in.  Thanks to Seita and Daddy for helping me moving 
After that we went back to my hometown. I'll will stay here in Austria until the end of September. Well in August I'm in Tokyo anyway. 

Speaking of Tokyo. ONLY 11 MORE DAYS!

I can't believe how fast time passed. 

Okay that's it for today, 

Keep smiling! 





I'm lazy blogging because I mainly study lately @_ @
and when I have time then I don't feel like writing. And unfortunately there's not much to tell anyway.

But on sunday I did some D.I.Y. hot pants.

I had some pair of jeans that I wanted to toss away actually but then I had the idea to just cut them off and make cool shorts out of them. They were normal just skinny jeans. First I just cut off the legs

 and then I gave them a cintage used look and added some spikes and iron-on swarovski rhinestones.
This is the result:

And Giovanni likes them too~

can't wait to wear them! but right now it's kinda cold here :/

My friend Sachi recently came back from Tokyo and she sent me this ♥

(cat hair is everywhere yay)

Speaking of Tokyo, ONLY 18 MORE DAYS !!

Lately I'm listening to DaizyStripper a lot again. They are also the reason why my blog is called like it's called. Brilliant Days and Smile World are my two favourite songs of them.
I'm kinda sad I couldn't see them in Paris, but well I already saw them in Japan twice so it's okay. 

This is a really cheesy but beautiful song too~

Well I'm off, studying again X___X"

XOXO and keep smiling, Hiki



Hello ~

Today I had my first summer term exam. It wasn't that bad, we'll see what the result will be.

After the test I met Rin and we went into the city to eat Sushi at "Sano".

Well the main reason for this post is my skin tho.
I usually have really dry skin. Especially in winter I suffer a lot under it. And I get tiny red spots all over. it's not really pretty :(

Finally my skin is better now!!

thanks to these two babies here:




Finally I decided which lives I want to attend in Japan. 
So this is the plan:

  • 08/15 BlackHole主催 - 3rd Anniversary - 『真夏の十聖戦 -第六夜-』
    with MEJIBRAY / Black Gene For the Next Scene / D.I.D. / Megaromania 
  • 08/18 SPEED DISK PRESENTS~森羅万象tour’12
    with Ayabie/Gotcharocka/カメレオ/ギルド/Kra/Screw/他 
  • 08/19 Dog in the PWO “0stGIG 神楽坂EXPLOSIONに続き 『Re:Prayシリーズワンマン』開催決定!” (not sure yet if tickets or not ;_;)
  • 08/21 BlackHole主催 - 3rd Anniversary - 『真夏の十聖戦 - 第九夜・誕生祭+再会 -』
  • 08/26 Lolita23q ONEMAN TOUR 2012「WORLD end’s GALAXY
  • 08/27 SuG LIVE BATTLE 2012「-SuG VS (赤・ω・飯)- 」



#74 (+ extra: Tokyo2010)

It's summer tiiiime!!!

I've been lazy with blogging lately, but srsly, there hasn't happened much in my life to blog about.

AH, firstly, I have a new twitter name: http://www.twitter.com/EnvisionMyWay
feel free to follow and make me happy <3

University tests are starting and so I'm just studying most of the time.
I don't even have time for make-up or styling so I just run around in casual clothes.

Like this:
(well if you follow me on twitter or tumblr then you've probably seen this already)