I'm lazy blogging because I mainly study lately @_ @
and when I have time then I don't feel like writing. And unfortunately there's not much to tell anyway.

But on sunday I did some D.I.Y. hot pants.

I had some pair of jeans that I wanted to toss away actually but then I had the idea to just cut them off and make cool shorts out of them. They were normal just skinny jeans. First I just cut off the legs

 and then I gave them a cintage used look and added some spikes and iron-on swarovski rhinestones.
This is the result:

And Giovanni likes them too~

can't wait to wear them! but right now it's kinda cold here :/

My friend Sachi recently came back from Tokyo and she sent me this ♥

(cat hair is everywhere yay)

Speaking of Tokyo, ONLY 18 MORE DAYS !!

Lately I'm listening to DaizyStripper a lot again. They are also the reason why my blog is called like it's called. Brilliant Days and Smile World are my two favourite songs of them.
I'm kinda sad I couldn't see them in Paris, but well I already saw them in Japan twice so it's okay. 

This is a really cheesy but beautiful song too~

Well I'm off, studying again X___X"

XOXO and keep smiling, Hiki