my exams are finally over yay!! No I'm waiting for the results.

And there's some news to tell :)

I got myself a grey/silver wig recently and this is how it looks:

the wig setting is not finished yet I still have to cut some layers and work a bit on it. 

recently I hate pictures where I have no cellphone in front of my face. I dunno but my face becomes weirder the more weight i lose and I'm not satisfied with it at all :(

On Sunday Seita came to visit me and we went to Anli Pollicino and A(エース) live at Feierwerk in Munich.
Surprisingly it was more fun than expected. Especially Anli are really cool and their Music is so much fun. 
But yeah we also had some Alcohol before to be honest xD 

We met Dodo and Kou at the concert! I was so happy to see them again. ♥
Also met Yuki, Yu, Jin and Kizu and saw many other people I knew *-*
Sorry I couldn't talk to you all, lives are always stressful for me I don't know how to handle a bigger number of humans.

The two bands also gave signs and too bad I drank alcohol and behaved retarded in front of the members.
I only wanted to go to Anli to get signs because I didn't have anything to sign for A and passed the A guys and Rookie Fiddler was the first and he looked at me, frowned and asked "don't you want signs?" and I said "no, I'm sorry your fotoset was too expensive." He laughed. And the same thing with every A member. They all expected me to give them something to sign and I just stared at them and threw some random japanese phrases against them.
Woah and about that Rookie fiddler guy. I was so shocked because his head was sooooo big. I mean a lot of Japanese people have big heads but really... this was the biggest head I've ever seen. 

The Anli Pollicino guys were all so nice. They thanked their fans so much for coming and Takuma said he really wants to come again. Yo-1 is such a cutie, he smiles like the sun! Shindy looked beautiful. When I stood right in front of him I was amazed. I was nervous about what to say to him and I ended up making a compliment about his hair, lol. 

Anyway it was fun!
This was my styling: 

I decided on some visual-kei inspired styling and wore my red wig and styled it a little bit.

herpderping with le seita:

Oh Oh I got a present from Kou!
It's a flip-flap-flower!! 
Too bad I forgot to make a picture ><

anyway it looks like this:

and when the suns shine it starts flip-flapping from one side to the other, yay *A*
It's a totally useless thing but it's so cool!

On monday and tuesday I had tests and on wednesday we had a short byebye-party for our Japanese teacher Murata-sensei.
She won't be our teacher next year because she will be the teacher of the first years again ;_;

I will miss her very much. She was a very good teacher. 

We gave her a present we all made together :)

and that's her ^^

The twins made muffins! They were so cute and really deslicious ♥

On thursday I had to move out from my old room and my dad came to munich to bring my furniture to my new appartment. Well at least we could store them at the attic there since I have to wait until september until I can move in.  Thanks to Seita and Daddy for helping me moving 
After that we went back to my hometown. I'll will stay here in Austria until the end of September. Well in August I'm in Tokyo anyway. 

Speaking of Tokyo. ONLY 11 MORE DAYS!

I can't believe how fast time passed. 

Okay that's it for today, 

Keep smiling! 



  1. You look really good in the grey wig! Love it!

  2. I really like the gray wig!
    I know what you mean about your face. I lost over 45lbs (20kg) and my face changed so much! I don't even look like myself any more xD

    1. Thank you <3
      yeah I think my usually very round face has gotten a little bit more edgy and I'm not used to that, haha xD

  3. oh god you look so damn pretty! <3

  4. aw yeah A merch was rather... pricey ^^;
    i usually like buying cds at lives but that time i didn't even have enough money with me hahah.

    i didn't really notice rookie's big head. but he totally checked out my BF while he was talking to the other members. LOL :'D

    and i love that grey wig <3

    1. Yeah I think their album was like 30 euros. ):

      Thank you <3