#74 (+ extra: Tokyo2010)

It's summer tiiiime!!!

I've been lazy with blogging lately, but srsly, there hasn't happened much in my life to blog about.

AH, firstly, I have a new twitter name: http://www.twitter.com/EnvisionMyWay
feel free to follow and make me happy <3

University tests are starting and so I'm just studying most of the time.
I don't even have time for make-up or styling so I just run around in casual clothes.

Like this:
(well if you follow me on twitter or tumblr then you've probably seen this already)


Nothing special, I wasn't even once in the mood for gyaru make up or extensions or skirts.

Ah and here is a pic of  howI look when I just woke up:

Hiro is cuddling under the blanket with me every morning. It feels so nice I never want to get up ;A;


until Rin, Seita and me fly to Tôkyô!

Therefore I looked through the pictures of my trip in 2010 and I though about sharing some. 

So just enjoy the piccus yay:

Shibuya crossing with 109 in the background. 

Me at a cat café. omg my hair... omg why.

In Shinjuku~ (omg I'm so glad my hair is longer now! what was I even thinking back then?)

Host clubs ☆

This was at a beach in Odaiba

This was the view from Odaiba 

Oh I have so many pictures it would take forever to show them. So just wait for the new pics from this year ne~ ☆

But for the lulz:
After 2 years I found the picture I took with MAKO from (ex)V-Last. lol
first I didn't want to cencor my face but it was really really really really ugly so I had to :/

btw it was Shyena who took this pic. xD I can clearly remember that scene when Mako was like "noooo I can't take a picture I don't wear make-up!"  °^° 
And I look like I weigh 100kg.

Okay that's enough, 

Hope to see you again soon :) 
Keep smiling!! (´・∀・`)

Last but not least: from a barber shop in Tôkyô:


  1. I don't want to sound offensive but you look like one of those oshare kei guys...very hot:3

    1. aaah no I'm not offended. I like Oshare kei Style very much too *^* Thank you <3

  2. Your so cool! Loooove your outfits~♥
    Omg you're so lucky!! HOPE YOU ARE HAVING FUN!

    I tagged you for a Liebster Award~!♥ Congratz you do deserve it!