today was cleaning day :D

I threw away tons of old stuff from my room in Austria. Since I brought some things from Munich i need storage.

tomorrow I have to clean out my closet and give away old ugly clothes I'm not wearing anymore or that don't fit anymore. maybe I'll sell some visual kei clothes that i've never worn, we'll see :)

somewhere during all my stuff i found old pictures from my first japan trip in 2007!

beware of the 17 year old chubby teenage me:

i went to nara with my guest family that day :D

it was really cool. Nara is a good place to go if you want to see beautiful old temples.
actually i know a really nice guy who lives in Nara. He'll also come to Tokyo in two weeks and we will meet each other ^^

OH and for the first time I blog from my iPad. It's weird... but I have to get used to it since that will be all I have in tokyo. Not going to take my heavy laptop with me. 

so that's it, I'm gonna go to bed early today :3

keep smiling


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