Hair talk!

so, I was interested in dip dyed air for a while now but my own hair is too short.
So I just descided to dye my extensions.

I dyed them with directions "lavender".

okay this doesn't look very pretty on this pic so I'll show you a pic of me wearing them instead. 

I'm so surprised that my extensions are still in good condition. They are really good quality.
Just to remember you, I have them for over a year now and I dyed them a lot already!

When I got them they were platinum blonde, then I dyed them middle brown. After a while I dyed light blonde highlights into them and used blone spray to make the brown color lighter. 
And now I dyed the tips. 

Of course the extensions got a little bit thinner from all that brushing, curling and straightening but that's absolutely okay. 

So I really recommend these extes to you~
If you are german speaking, consider buying your extensions at Ursi's Haare. I have only good things to tell about them. Good price, fast shipping, good quality! 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask <333

xoxo, Hiki




It's really cool! and I have a roommate for some weeks too! A friend of mine if going to live with while she's working in munich.

I don't want to talk much, let's start!

The doormat in front of my appartment~

This is "Rudi" and he welcomes you in my hallway. He's hanging beside my toiletdoor. 

the livingroom~

two closets for many clothes! 

My bed!

I hung some of my autographs over my bed. 
Alice Nine, Gazette, Screw, Born and Ryouga from vivid. Dog in the PWO are hanging in the hallway and  I didn't find a good place for my other autographs yet... too many.

I hung Iv in the bathroom, hahah!! Rin said today "I want to go to the toilet but I can't because Iv is in there watching me D:"

This was the first dinner in my new appartmentr :D cereals!!! 

Okay that's all for today~ 
I'm tired. 

See you again~

xoxo Hiki



heeey long time no see~

I'm sorry I wasn't in the mood for blogging... and there wasn't really an occasion either :(

After I came back from Japan, I went to Italy with my parents and after that I mainly stayed at home, met friends or studied for university.

University starts next week!
And I probably told you already that I got a new appartment in munich. Last week we went there and made the appartment ready for me to move in. We bought some new furniture but mainly used the ones I already had in my old room.
I will show you the pictures of my appartment next time okay? :3

Theeen I wanted to bring some color in my hair recently and this was the result.

But I dyed with "Directions" and they usually wash out really fast so after I washed my hair for two times the color was almost gone. But I will do something like this again~ I'd like to do something with pastel pink maybe.

I also found time to draw something again! wow that's been a while

It's Yumehito from Ayabie~!
And I also sent the picture to him via twitter and he replied instantly!! I was so happy ♥

Maybe I should draw more.... but I'M SO LAZY!!

Last weekend Juliet and me helped our friend Snii. She needed some Oshare-kei outfit pictures and for an article for the german magazine "Koneko". So I finally had a good opportunity to wear oshare-kei again~ 

I admit, I haven't put on gyaru make-up or gyaru clothes since I came back from Japan. There was just no reason for me to do it because it's too much work if you don't really go out.

Recently I'm also interested in pastel goth and soft grunge and my tumblr is full of it!
Also reached the 500follower mark on tumblr, thanks a lot dears!

Okay that's it for today~
Next time I'll show you my appartment!

xoxo and keep smiling~

Hiki ☆


#86 back from japan part2

So second post, yay!

The favourite thin I bought in Tokyo was my Glavil / tutuHa dress.

althogh I think it's something I can't really wear in Germany lol.
My parents just call it a "doll dress".

anyway I really like it.
Although it makes my boobies look big. which they are not. lol

Ah I bought so much at tutuHA! I love the clothes there. But somehow you can't really tell in which Gyaru style they fit in can you?

I didn't buy that much at mars. That's strange...
But the things just didn't really make me go like "whoa i need this."
But I like Real Ma*rs tho. 

Anyway here's a pic with Tomomi-chan :D She's so cute~
And she was really honored that we recognized her. 

talking of tutuHA and brands. I often saw Japanese girls wear brand stuff with crocs. LOL 

especially at lives. Every second person wears crocs regardless what they are wearing on top. 

I wish I would have more pictures of my outfits... but somehow I was too lazy to take pics LOL
And it was far tooooooooo hot for that too!
and on most pictures I just make a retarded face. 
I like making retarded faces :D

OR i get photographed while eating


but the food was so delicious! I ate so much. And still I lost weight haha. Maybe because we were running around all day and jumping around at the concerts. 

I bought myself 2 of these... things. kinda like summer kigurumis. I have Korilakkuma and Gacchapin! :"D they are perfect for just chilling at home... or if I don't know what to wear at a convention. 

I really spent a lot of money. I guess half of it just for merchandise and concerts! But that's a fangirl's life. I regret nothing. 

this is just a part of the stuff tho. Afterwards I realized that there are still things missing on the picture. Like my 4 tourshirts, towel, some vivid stuff... I REGRET NOTHING.

During weekdays I always went to a japanese language school. Every day from 9:00 to 12:45. It was a short time but I really learned a few new things and it was fun!

This was one of the teachers. His drawings were so funny!! 

I'm also very thankful that I had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people!
The people at school were so nice as well. Too bad I couldn't spend more time with them.

Also, I was very happy to meet the members of Ayabie. They are really friendly. Even tho Jennyfer and Juliet can't speak Japanese, the members tried their best to talk to them

On the last evening we party at Shibuya we met some really cool students. Those guys took us to Karaoke and it was one of the funniest night we had!

The pic was taken at 6am in the morning after we drank a lot so we look ... tired. xD

It really was a great trip. 

I can't wait to go again.

But today I'm leaving for italy!!

See you again, Keep Smiling <33

xoxo Hiki


#85 back from japan part1


first of all SORRY! sorry sorry for not updating my blog while I was in Japan...
It was far too complicated with my ipad and we never had time anyway. I went to school at 9 in the morning and usually we came back from partying at night past midnight!

Well I hope I can make up with some pictures at least...

So what happened while we were in Japan?
A lot actually!

So in generel we went to a lot of lives, did shopping until our wallets were bleeding, took purikura and made party!
It was a great trip, really. I'm so happy I was going with Rin and Juliet. We had so much fun, it was the best time I could have had. Thank you so much you too I love you so much!

Here a list of the lives we went to. not all of them where planned tho...

8/8 The Gazette
8/12 Born
8/15 Alice Nine
8/18 Screw, Ayabie, Guild, Kameleo, v(neu), Kra
8/19 DOG in the PWO
8/21 Twins, Visu (shyena), Tokyo Quartett, D.I.D.
8/22 Ayabie
8/24 Ayabie instore event
8/26 Lolita23q
8/27 SuG

Every single one was special on it's own way. Some people kept asking me "What was the best live?" and I can only answer with "I don't know." because they all were different and fun.

The band that surprised me the most was Ayabie I guess. I wasn't really an Ayabie fan before but I was so flashed by their performance. The new songs are awesome and Yumehito does a great job as a vocalist.

Ah, speaking of Yumehito!
After the instore on 24th we went to Karaoke with friends. And when Rin and I went to the toilet we saw that Yumehito was in the room next to us! He saw us through the door and waved and after a while he came to our room and I asked him if he could sing a song and HE REALLY DID!!
My friend Coco filmed everything secretly xDD but we won't show this to public.... since we're all drunk (Yume too) it's not really something everyone should see lol.

but it was so much fun xD

Oh and I made so many purikura I don't know where to put them all!

BTW I still have to introduce you our chicken that we bought at Harajuku. It's a dog toy actually, but we had so much fun with it!

the one in the middle yeah xD

More purikura :D 

With my darlings: 


Some pictures of Tokyo:

Soo that's it for my first post about japan. I'll post putfit posts tomorrow :D 

Thank you for reading!!

XOXO keep smiling,

Hiki <3




The last two days were shopping days! we mainly went to Shibuya and Harajuku and bought a lot of things.

some impressions of Shibuya:

there are so many cool people running around there in shibuya, i wish i could take pics of everyone xD

we went to 109 and I bought something at Glavil!

the shopstaff is so nice and pretty!

we went to mars too and rin bought something there.

shopping addicts~~

next was Harajuku were we went to LaForet

Julia and me bought something at SuperLovers and Monomania~ :3

I had to make a picture of the SuperLovers staff's nails

Afterwards we went to Closet Child and looked for Visual Kei goods. 
i found some really great and cheeo stuff!

here are some things I got

ViViDs Pieces of smile limited edition and a photoset

ViViD colors merchendise

sug towel!

black moral shirt and two cheki albums of GB and Daizy

okay now the other things I got

monomania bracelet

glavil onepiece and the matching skirt

Because we have nowhere to put our stuff due to the lack of storage we had to find a new solution.
this is Julia and my bed:

and that's only the stuff from thursday xD
today's clothes aren't even on that pic

today I was weating ma*rs btw~ <3 div="div">

that's all for now, i'm tired~

good night and thank you very much for reading ♥

keep smiling~
hiki <333 br="br">