heeey long time no see~

I'm sorry I wasn't in the mood for blogging... and there wasn't really an occasion either :(

After I came back from Japan, I went to Italy with my parents and after that I mainly stayed at home, met friends or studied for university.

University starts next week!
And I probably told you already that I got a new appartment in munich. Last week we went there and made the appartment ready for me to move in. We bought some new furniture but mainly used the ones I already had in my old room.
I will show you the pictures of my appartment next time okay? :3

Theeen I wanted to bring some color in my hair recently and this was the result.

But I dyed with "Directions" and they usually wash out really fast so after I washed my hair for two times the color was almost gone. But I will do something like this again~ I'd like to do something with pastel pink maybe.

I also found time to draw something again! wow that's been a while

It's Yumehito from Ayabie~!
And I also sent the picture to him via twitter and he replied instantly!! I was so happy ♥

Maybe I should draw more.... but I'M SO LAZY!!

Last weekend Juliet and me helped our friend Snii. She needed some Oshare-kei outfit pictures and for an article for the german magazine "Koneko". So I finally had a good opportunity to wear oshare-kei again~ 

I admit, I haven't put on gyaru make-up or gyaru clothes since I came back from Japan. There was just no reason for me to do it because it's too much work if you don't really go out.

Recently I'm also interested in pastel goth and soft grunge and my tumblr is full of it!
Also reached the 500follower mark on tumblr, thanks a lot dears!

Okay that's it for today~
Next time I'll show you my appartment!

xoxo and keep smiling~

Hiki ☆


  1. your hair looks awesome as well as the artwork~~ *-*

  2. your hair looks really cool! your so talented at drawing :) I guess yumehito was happy about it ^.^