Hair talk!

so, I was interested in dip dyed air for a while now but my own hair is too short.
So I just descided to dye my extensions.

I dyed them with directions "lavender".

okay this doesn't look very pretty on this pic so I'll show you a pic of me wearing them instead. 

I'm so surprised that my extensions are still in good condition. They are really good quality.
Just to remember you, I have them for over a year now and I dyed them a lot already!

When I got them they were platinum blonde, then I dyed them middle brown. After a while I dyed light blonde highlights into them and used blone spray to make the brown color lighter. 
And now I dyed the tips. 

Of course the extensions got a little bit thinner from all that brushing, curling and straightening but that's absolutely okay. 

So I really recommend these extes to you~
If you are german speaking, consider buying your extensions at Ursi's Haare. I have only good things to tell about them. Good price, fast shipping, good quality! 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask <333

xoxo, Hiki


  1. die Farbe passt sehr gut zu dir <3
    fein gemacht ^^ und deine neue Wohnung is auhc schick

  2. love the color, really cool looking and if you curl the hair it can either be cute or rock-ish:)!

  3. such a lovely colour *-* i love your hair!