Hello again!

The reason why I stopped blogging here is, because I'm not that much into gyaru scene anymore.
This has different personal reasons.

But anyway, I hope I won't lose to much followers, I still try to be a stylish girl, even tho I don't wear fake eyelashes and gyaru brands that often anymore, haha x)

Since I was away what happened? Not much to be honest.

I november I went to An Cafès live :D Here's my cheki:

I also got a new wig and tried out many different clothing styles. 

I don't really know what to talk about so I'll just post some random pictures ♥

I also got some nice Jeffrey Campbell shoes!! ♥♥

For Christmas, my friends Rin, Kou and Dodo bought me Alpacasso ♥ I'm so happy, I've always wanted to have one!

it's 55cm high and his Name is Karl Pepè! ♥

I want to change my haircolor soon. Maybe red-blone or something like this. I'm tired of being blonde already again lol


XoXo Hiki


  1. I will still follow you, don't care if gyaru or not. You look amazing *_*! And the Alpacasso is super cute!

    1. You are very nive, thank you *_*

  2. I still love your style! C:

  3. Im sure I'll still enjoy reading your blogs :D

  4. You're Amazing! I love your style

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