#85 back from japan part1


first of all SORRY! sorry sorry for not updating my blog while I was in Japan...
It was far too complicated with my ipad and we never had time anyway. I went to school at 9 in the morning and usually we came back from partying at night past midnight!

Well I hope I can make up with some pictures at least...

So what happened while we were in Japan?
A lot actually!

So in generel we went to a lot of lives, did shopping until our wallets were bleeding, took purikura and made party!
It was a great trip, really. I'm so happy I was going with Rin and Juliet. We had so much fun, it was the best time I could have had. Thank you so much you too I love you so much!

Here a list of the lives we went to. not all of them where planned tho...

8/8 The Gazette
8/12 Born
8/15 Alice Nine
8/18 Screw, Ayabie, Guild, Kameleo, v(neu), Kra
8/19 DOG in the PWO
8/21 Twins, Visu (shyena), Tokyo Quartett, D.I.D.
8/22 Ayabie
8/24 Ayabie instore event
8/26 Lolita23q
8/27 SuG

Every single one was special on it's own way. Some people kept asking me "What was the best live?" and I can only answer with "I don't know." because they all were different and fun.

The band that surprised me the most was Ayabie I guess. I wasn't really an Ayabie fan before but I was so flashed by their performance. The new songs are awesome and Yumehito does a great job as a vocalist.

Ah, speaking of Yumehito!
After the instore on 24th we went to Karaoke with friends. And when Rin and I went to the toilet we saw that Yumehito was in the room next to us! He saw us through the door and waved and after a while he came to our room and I asked him if he could sing a song and HE REALLY DID!!
My friend Coco filmed everything secretly xDD but we won't show this to public.... since we're all drunk (Yume too) it's not really something everyone should see lol.

but it was so much fun xD

Oh and I made so many purikura I don't know where to put them all!

BTW I still have to introduce you our chicken that we bought at Harajuku. It's a dog toy actually, but we had so much fun with it!

the one in the middle yeah xD

More purikura :D 

With my darlings: 


Some pictures of Tokyo:

Soo that's it for my first post about japan. I'll post putfit posts tomorrow :D 

Thank you for reading!!

XOXO keep smiling,

Hiki <3




The last two days were shopping days! we mainly went to Shibuya and Harajuku and bought a lot of things.

some impressions of Shibuya:

there are so many cool people running around there in shibuya, i wish i could take pics of everyone xD

we went to 109 and I bought something at Glavil!

the shopstaff is so nice and pretty!

we went to mars too and rin bought something there.

shopping addicts~~

next was Harajuku were we went to LaForet

Julia and me bought something at SuperLovers and Monomania~ :3

I had to make a picture of the SuperLovers staff's nails

Afterwards we went to Closet Child and looked for Visual Kei goods. 
i found some really great and cheeo stuff!

here are some things I got

ViViDs Pieces of smile limited edition and a photoset

ViViD colors merchendise

sug towel!

black moral shirt and two cheki albums of GB and Daizy

okay now the other things I got

monomania bracelet

glavil onepiece and the matching skirt

Because we have nowhere to put our stuff due to the lack of storage we had to find a new solution.
this is Julia and my bed:

and that's only the stuff from thursday xD
today's clothes aren't even on that pic

today I was weating ma*rs btw~ <3 div="div">

that's all for now, i'm tired~

good night and thank you very much for reading ♥

keep smiling~
hiki <333 br="br">


#83 + the Gazette special


today we went to shibuya and then to gazette's live in zepp divercity.

i'll start with the concert report and then post some pictures ;)

Soooo, we came to zepp divercity to pick up our tickets and I was so surprised that there were so many people! it was a fanclub only tour but I think there were like 3000 people but not sure. 
we had really good ticket numbers so we could enter the hall pretty early,

i stood in then 4th row at the beginning but I managed to get into first row during first songs. I stood right in front of reita, later I was somehow pushed over to aoi.  BUT FUCKING FIRST ROW!! i was so close to everyone because everyone came over, uruha even took my hand once!! Once I was so close to ruki our faces were only 1meter apart from each other.

I was impressed, the boys really look great, just like on their magazine pictures. reita smiled so much, he looked so nice! aoi has a chubby face and it's really cute :"D

I can't really remember the setlist and the order of the songs but they played ALL my favourite songs and I'm a happy hiki now! cockroach, filth in the beauty, akai one piece, shiver, vortex, calm envy and much more!

I don't even know what to tell now, I can't put all this beautiful impressions into words. 
it was powerful, wonderful, fantastic!

ruki's voice was simply stunning. especially when he sang calm envy. and then even without microphone and I was like "wow.... o__o"

but I thought I was going to die during linda and kantou. XD because all the fans did stagediving and came rolled into the front and I was hit and kicked by the girls who rolled over my head XD but worth it!
I was so proud of Julia (Seita) because she did that too!! XDDDD 

during kantou dogenza aoi grabbed reita's crotch and he did the same with uruha too XD 

i'm sorry this report isn't really good, I'm too flahsed and tired and happy and it's already 3 a.m over here... but I won't have more time to blog tomorrow so deal with it :D

Woah but really: japanese fans are crazy! really! HOLY SHIT! XDD but it's so much fun~~ i mean I went to many lives in Japan already but I'm always surprised o.o" 

haaaaa... I was so close to every member of gazette.... I can't believe this happened! 

and if this wasn't great enough already I also won the autographs and the cheki!!! holy. mother. of. god.

sooo enough writing I don't want anymore, I'm too exhausted.

great cosplayers!

and last but not least my signs and cheki!

thank you for reading!! 

see you again~~

Hiki <3333

#82, tokyo #1


we arrived in Japan safely and without any troubles. well almost.
in Paris we almost missed our connection flight to tokyo because we only had like 30 minutes and we had to change terminals. and there  was such a big line in front of the passport control.

yup like this. 
and jennyfer had to go to the toiletand there wasn't a single toilet she could use at the airport. they were either locked or being cleaned.

but we maid it for our flight and jennyfer had to wait until she could go to the toilet on the plane.

the flight was okay. I started watching 'the avangers' but then there was trouble with the TV... :(
the food was really good!

It was japanese chicken curry and the thing on the right was some french meal and I already forgot its name.

We arrived at Narita Airport around 8am japanese time. 

Then we took the keisei narita skyliner to the center of tokyo and then we went to our hotel room.
our hotel room is very very small but it's alright.

after we showerd we went to akihabara because it's close and we can go there by foot.

eyelash heaven!!!

first puris, glad news mirror an ageha!


and next day was gazette concert!! 

stay tuned and keep smiling~

hiki <3 div="div">



hellooo :D

today seita and I went to munich were we me met rin~

rin and I had our nails done :3

rins nails are really long but I didn't want to wear mine that long for the journey.
so i decided on a simple design.

still have to get used to long nails ~

right now we are chilling at Rin's place .

tomorrow we'll depart at 10:30 from munich airport 

see you again in tokyo ♥

please check twitterfor updates,
keep smiling :)



Helloooo ~ (*゚ー゚*)

today was BEAUTY DAY!

It was time to get my body ready for Japan  ♪(´ε` )

10:00 a.m. I went to the beautician to get "sugaring" done in my bikini zone. hahaha xD
Sugaringsugar waxing or Persian waxing is a method of hair removal. Sugaring can be less painful than waxing, because the substrate sticks to the hair without attaching to the skin and the risk of irritations is not that high. 

Although it says less painful, IT FUCKING HURT A LOT! Maybe it's just because I'm a pussy but I screamed a lot, haha :"D
And it's not very nice if you get your private parts covered with a honey-like substance from a woman you've never seen before. lol
But srsly, I'm tired of shaving. I always get skin irritations and it hurts a lot so I decided on trying this.

It was worth it in the end. No irritations and the skin is so soft! It costs about 40-50 € but you only have to do it every three weeks so I guess it's okay.
I tried a lot of stuff already for keeping my private area hairless, but I think this works best! Let's see how long it lasts. 

12:00 a.m. I went to the hairdresser. Nothing special just a little refreshment of the haircolor. :)

After that I went to pedicure. I plan on wearing sandals and highheels and I think "pretty" feet is a MUST HAVE if you do so. Nothing worse than ugly toenails ew.

Now I'm applying some facial skin masks and I will do a peeling for my body skin.
Aaaand I have to ask my mum to plug my eyebrows because I always screw them up. 

Tomorrow I will have to start packing my suitcase. I'm so scared I might forget something. Well i always forget something so the question is not IF I'll foget something but WHAT will I forget.
I hope it won't be something important. I tried to make a checklist but somehow I never stick to my checklists because I'm too chaotic.

Okay see you again 

Keep smiling ♥

Hiki ★