#82, tokyo #1


we arrived in Japan safely and without any troubles. well almost.
in Paris we almost missed our connection flight to tokyo because we only had like 30 minutes and we had to change terminals. and there  was such a big line in front of the passport control.

yup like this. 
and jennyfer had to go to the toiletand there wasn't a single toilet she could use at the airport. they were either locked or being cleaned.

but we maid it for our flight and jennyfer had to wait until she could go to the toilet on the plane.

the flight was okay. I started watching 'the avangers' but then there was trouble with the TV... :(
the food was really good!

It was japanese chicken curry and the thing on the right was some french meal and I already forgot its name.

We arrived at Narita Airport around 8am japanese time. 

Then we took the keisei narita skyliner to the center of tokyo and then we went to our hotel room.
our hotel room is very very small but it's alright.

after we showerd we went to akihabara because it's close and we can go there by foot.

eyelash heaven!!!

first puris, glad news mirror an ageha!


and next day was gazette concert!! 

stay tuned and keep smiling~

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  1. ohhh eyelashes heaven i would definitely spend there more than hour XD
    I would be really stressed if I had only 30 min to next flight oO that's one of the reasons why i'm worry about flying to Japan ><