#85 back from japan part1


first of all SORRY! sorry sorry for not updating my blog while I was in Japan...
It was far too complicated with my ipad and we never had time anyway. I went to school at 9 in the morning and usually we came back from partying at night past midnight!

Well I hope I can make up with some pictures at least...

So what happened while we were in Japan?
A lot actually!

So in generel we went to a lot of lives, did shopping until our wallets were bleeding, took purikura and made party!
It was a great trip, really. I'm so happy I was going with Rin and Juliet. We had so much fun, it was the best time I could have had. Thank you so much you too I love you so much!

Here a list of the lives we went to. not all of them where planned tho...

8/8 The Gazette
8/12 Born
8/15 Alice Nine
8/18 Screw, Ayabie, Guild, Kameleo, v(neu), Kra
8/19 DOG in the PWO
8/21 Twins, Visu (shyena), Tokyo Quartett, D.I.D.
8/22 Ayabie
8/24 Ayabie instore event
8/26 Lolita23q
8/27 SuG

Every single one was special on it's own way. Some people kept asking me "What was the best live?" and I can only answer with "I don't know." because they all were different and fun.

The band that surprised me the most was Ayabie I guess. I wasn't really an Ayabie fan before but I was so flashed by their performance. The new songs are awesome and Yumehito does a great job as a vocalist.

Ah, speaking of Yumehito!
After the instore on 24th we went to Karaoke with friends. And when Rin and I went to the toilet we saw that Yumehito was in the room next to us! He saw us through the door and waved and after a while he came to our room and I asked him if he could sing a song and HE REALLY DID!!
My friend Coco filmed everything secretly xDD but we won't show this to public.... since we're all drunk (Yume too) it's not really something everyone should see lol.

but it was so much fun xD

Oh and I made so many purikura I don't know where to put them all!

BTW I still have to introduce you our chicken that we bought at Harajuku. It's a dog toy actually, but we had so much fun with it!

the one in the middle yeah xD

More purikura :D 

With my darlings: 


Some pictures of Tokyo:

Soo that's it for my first post about japan. I'll post putfit posts tomorrow :D 

Thank you for reading!!

XOXO keep smiling,

Hiki <3


  1. wow it sounds like you had so much fun! id love to go back to tokyo...
    omg you saw alice nine and ayabie and met yumehito!? ;~; my life would seriously be complete if i could do all of those things

    1. yeah so many things happened! I can't even tell them all...
      We were so lucky to meet bandmen~

      and yes yumechun sag karaoke with us ;//; so lucky!!

  2. Seems like you had a lot of fun! You went to a lot of lives, lucky! ;_;
    How do you get tickets for concerts in Japan? Do you have to purchase them there or can you get them before going to Japan? (:
    Love your blog~! ^^

    1. yes we had!! :D
      well if you know something in japan they can get you the tickets earlier. but I bought most of my tickets in japan ^^

      Thank you <3

  3. looks like so much fun and sounds so nice!
    Also you all look adorable!

  4. i just read your blog- sooo cuuute! I love your style and makeup! You should definitely do a makeup tutorial sometime! Also, I'm SO JELLY of all the lives you went to- especially SuG!! I bet it was amazing!!

    1. Thank you very much!

      yeah SuG was really great!! so much fun! I wanna go again *^*

  5. Your beauty amazes me over and over again!

    1. awwwww ;///; thank you darling~ <33