#83 + the Gazette special


today we went to shibuya and then to gazette's live in zepp divercity.

i'll start with the concert report and then post some pictures ;)

Soooo, we came to zepp divercity to pick up our tickets and I was so surprised that there were so many people! it was a fanclub only tour but I think there were like 3000 people but not sure. 
we had really good ticket numbers so we could enter the hall pretty early,

i stood in then 4th row at the beginning but I managed to get into first row during first songs. I stood right in front of reita, later I was somehow pushed over to aoi.  BUT FUCKING FIRST ROW!! i was so close to everyone because everyone came over, uruha even took my hand once!! Once I was so close to ruki our faces were only 1meter apart from each other.

I was impressed, the boys really look great, just like on their magazine pictures. reita smiled so much, he looked so nice! aoi has a chubby face and it's really cute :"D

I can't really remember the setlist and the order of the songs but they played ALL my favourite songs and I'm a happy hiki now! cockroach, filth in the beauty, akai one piece, shiver, vortex, calm envy and much more!

I don't even know what to tell now, I can't put all this beautiful impressions into words. 
it was powerful, wonderful, fantastic!

ruki's voice was simply stunning. especially when he sang calm envy. and then even without microphone and I was like "wow.... o__o"

but I thought I was going to die during linda and kantou. XD because all the fans did stagediving and came rolled into the front and I was hit and kicked by the girls who rolled over my head XD but worth it!
I was so proud of Julia (Seita) because she did that too!! XDDDD 

during kantou dogenza aoi grabbed reita's crotch and he did the same with uruha too XD 

i'm sorry this report isn't really good, I'm too flahsed and tired and happy and it's already 3 a.m over here... but I won't have more time to blog tomorrow so deal with it :D

Woah but really: japanese fans are crazy! really! HOLY SHIT! XDD but it's so much fun~~ i mean I went to many lives in Japan already but I'm always surprised o.o" 

haaaaa... I was so close to every member of gazette.... I can't believe this happened! 

and if this wasn't great enough already I also won the autographs and the cheki!!! holy. mother. of. god.

sooo enough writing I don't want anymore, I'm too exhausted.

great cosplayers!

and last but not least my signs and cheki!

thank you for reading!! 

see you again~~

Hiki <3333


  1. Ommmggg ;_______________; I don't think you understand how jealous I am right now.
    No, you just don't understand. You can't. ;___________;

  2. ich wein grad srsly Q__Q

  3. O.M.G. I'm so jealous .___.
    It's my dream to go see/meet the GazettE >A<
    And you were so lucky to get the autographs too ;___;

    I have to go cry now. Brb.

  4. Wow you are so lucky! *_*

  5. Omfg the gazette's autograph ;________; I've always wanted to go to one of their live concerts

    You're so lucky <3