#86 back from japan part2

So second post, yay!

The favourite thin I bought in Tokyo was my Glavil / tutuHa dress.

althogh I think it's something I can't really wear in Germany lol.
My parents just call it a "doll dress".

anyway I really like it.
Although it makes my boobies look big. which they are not. lol

Ah I bought so much at tutuHA! I love the clothes there. But somehow you can't really tell in which Gyaru style they fit in can you?

I didn't buy that much at mars. That's strange...
But the things just didn't really make me go like "whoa i need this."
But I like Real Ma*rs tho. 

Anyway here's a pic with Tomomi-chan :D She's so cute~
And she was really honored that we recognized her. 

talking of tutuHA and brands. I often saw Japanese girls wear brand stuff with crocs. LOL 

especially at lives. Every second person wears crocs regardless what they are wearing on top. 

I wish I would have more pictures of my outfits... but somehow I was too lazy to take pics LOL
And it was far tooooooooo hot for that too!
and on most pictures I just make a retarded face. 
I like making retarded faces :D

OR i get photographed while eating


but the food was so delicious! I ate so much. And still I lost weight haha. Maybe because we were running around all day and jumping around at the concerts. 

I bought myself 2 of these... things. kinda like summer kigurumis. I have Korilakkuma and Gacchapin! :"D they are perfect for just chilling at home... or if I don't know what to wear at a convention. 

I really spent a lot of money. I guess half of it just for merchandise and concerts! But that's a fangirl's life. I regret nothing. 

this is just a part of the stuff tho. Afterwards I realized that there are still things missing on the picture. Like my 4 tourshirts, towel, some vivid stuff... I REGRET NOTHING.

During weekdays I always went to a japanese language school. Every day from 9:00 to 12:45. It was a short time but I really learned a few new things and it was fun!

This was one of the teachers. His drawings were so funny!! 

I'm also very thankful that I had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people!
The people at school were so nice as well. Too bad I couldn't spend more time with them.

Also, I was very happy to meet the members of Ayabie. They are really friendly. Even tho Jennyfer and Juliet can't speak Japanese, the members tried their best to talk to them

On the last evening we party at Shibuya we met some really cool students. Those guys took us to Karaoke and it was one of the funniest night we had!

The pic was taken at 6am in the morning after we drank a lot so we look ... tired. xD

It really was a great trip. 

I can't wait to go again.

But today I'm leaving for italy!!

See you again, Keep Smiling <33

xoxo Hiki


  1. you are pretty hehe

    wow, you bought a lot of merchandise O_O

  2. Aah you are so cute! Looks like you had loads of fun :3

  3. I love your blog, please keep updating~ <3

  4. oooooooooo . . .I see Soshi-san ! I see Soshi-san! XDDDDD ♥
    how was they live ? :3

  5. I love your travel photos ^^ Japan stuff is awesome as always, worthwatching pics ♥
    I'd like to see even more!

  6. So glad you had a lot of fun in japan :) You're lucky that you met Yumehito!!

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