Yesterday Seita and I went to the prom of my former high school. It was really cool!

We danced so much ♪( ´θ`)ノ
Seita lost her cellphone on the dancefloor but luckily we got it back!!! But one hour later she lost it again. AND we found it again! XDDD we were really relieved since her cellphone is an expensive one~

So some details on my styling. I did an up-do with my extensions and styled the front hair in a light mori style. Bur it looked much better in reality than on the pictures because I didn't have time to make good pics...

My lashes were kinda crappy. Too thin and they hurt while wearing with the time. But i forgot my good lashes in munich so i had to take those.

The thing i was really proud of were my nails! They lastet so well al night and looked superduper cool. I got so many compliments for them.

Right now I'm on the train on the way to my friend's place~

Thanks for reading!

Kerp smiling

xoxo Hiki


Nails ヾ(;☆ω☆)ノ

Hello my lovely readers~

Recently nothing spectacular happened. Since I have holidays, I went back to my Family's home and stay here in Austria for some weeks. It feels nice to be at home~

Today I'm going to a prom with Seita. ♪(´ε` )

Therefore I made myself some nice fake nails.
I just bought some plain white plastic nails and then put lots of bling-bling stuff on them XD

I hope they will last the night (´・ω・`)

I also had those acrylic nails once. But I can't wear them anymore. Since I play the piano, my nails have to be rather short... that's why I just put some fake nails on when going out now. (´・ω・`)

I will also try to make pictures when I wear those nails. I bet they look awesome on my fingers~

Sooo. the prom starts around 8pm and now it's 12... so I need to start with preperations NOW.
I think the hair will take long today...

Something else. My skin is getting worse and worse. I got bad acne on my chin and it hurts o(;△;)o
I already try not to put on make-up when it's not really necessary and put on tons of anti-acne products from the pharmacy... but it's still not getting better. I might consult a doctor next week because it's really painful and very ugly! XD

Tomorrow I'm driving to Dodo's place with Rin. We're going to work on our cosplay costumes for the LBM in march.  (ノ◉ω◉)ノ♥

so that's it for today.

I try to make pretty pictures with my prom-styling today!

Keep smiling!



Make-up video!!!


Last time I told you that I recorded myself while applying make-up.

Well if you are interested, please check out the video on my new youtube channel! Thank you!!! ヾ(;☆ω☆)ノ

Keep smiling~



Wigs! Where to buy and how to style ♪(´ε` )

Hello readers!

First I have to say,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your positive feedback and WELCOME new followers! I'm very happy.

Yay, I finished all my exams at university for this term and now I have holidays *dances*
Today was my hardest exam. The japanese language exam.
I attended a 1,0 but I then found out that I made some mistakes... I still hope to get a 1,3 at least >__<
(1 is the best grade in my country btw)


After my last post I got a lot of messages from people, asking me where I buy my wigs.
Well, this is not really a secret.

I buy them from different cosplay wig stores on ebay. They are not really expensive, somewhere inbetween 20 and 30$ (30$ really is the highest amount I would spend on a wig and then it has to be reeeaally awesome)

However, there are two important things I look at when buying.

1) Seriousness of the shop.
There are some shops that look suspicious, because they have really maaany many different stuff at very low prices. So I look that I buy at a shop which specializes only in wigs or maybe in cosplay wigs and cosplay items. Check the rating of the shops and maybe some comments of previous buyers.

2) Fiber
I always buy heat resistant fiber, because it looks more realistic and you can style it with the hair straightener or the curler.

I never buy at a special shop, but if you message me, I can give you some links of shops where I've already bought my wigs

Soooo what is even more important than the quality is the styling and treatment!
I never wear my wigs without editing them. It always hurts my heart when I see people running around with their wigs without editing them.

1) Cut
I always cut my wigs. I make either layers or I just thin out the bangs our the tips, because without them they look so... well wiggy XD

2) Powder
I use hair dust oder volume powder to make the wig look less shiny and therefore less... like plastic. I apply it on the whole wig and brush the wig afterwards. You can also use dry shampoo or baby powder. This works as well.

3) Coloring roots
Sometimes I dye the roots in a darker color (use make-up or markers). This is really pain in the ass because it takes sooo much time. But it's worth it.

4) Styling
I style the wigs just like I would style my real hair. Teasing, flattening, curling, ect. I use hair wax and tons and tons of hairspray!

Well... that's it basically :D

I still have some wigs that are unedited, so maybe I will record video the next time I style one of them ;D

Sooo that's it for today~

Here's just one pic with my real haircolor

Thank you for reading~

Keep smiling  (ノ◉ω◉)ノ♥



Wig styling + new shoes

Hello followers!

Right now I'm pretty busy with my exams at university but still, I found some time to try out new styling!

Rin-tan came to my place and she helped me to style my blond wig (the one I posted last time). Well she just wore them so that I could cut and style it.
Also a light version of sujimori hair on top :3
Then I put on tons of make-up and I even recorded a video! (but I'm not sure if anyone wants to see this lol)

So... I'm too lazy to write much so just enjoy the pics please~

I made all pics with my iphone and I'm surprised by the good quality of the first pics!

this is what the hair looks from the side. Light sujimori hair. 

Oh and the coolest thing! MY SHOES!

I fell in love with them at first sight!

sooo what else?
I want to dance parapara but I'm too busy with studying ;A; well... it's just one more week so it's okay.

See you again soon~

Keep smiling! 


New wigs ヾ(;☆ω☆)ノ

Hello followers!!

Some of my friends already know... I have an obsession for wigs.
Although I don't have much opportunities to wear them, I still love them very much. 

The good thing on wigs is, you can change your haircolor, hairlength, tease the hair, do whatever you want with it, WITHOUT damaging your real hair. 

I am a person who likes to change their haircolor and style. In the past there where times when I died my hair about 3 times a month in a complete different color. from blond to black to red and back to blond. or something like that.

Of course this damages the hair and then I cut it really short, what I regret now. soooo I want to let my own hair grow and not dye it that much and that's why I want to use wigs for special purposes (or whenever I feel like having different hair.)

About two weeks ago I ordered five new wigs. yeah. 5. lol
(I need two of them for cosplay though)

Two of them already arrived. 

One of them is platin-blond and I want to style them into a gyaru wig when I have time.
Here's apicture of the wig where it is still unedited and unstyled. 

Oh please excuse my face. It was 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning when I had the great idea of trying on my wig. :'D So I look tired and my "make-up" is a mess. 

I think I'm going to dye some strands pink and make the top of the wig sujimori style~ Not sure yet.

Second new wig is one I need for my new Shin cosplay. It's just blond and short. nothing special.

and I found out that I run around like a boy when I go to university :"D
but srsly... I don't have the nerves to stand up at 5:30 just to get my make-up and hair done for uni. I want to focus on my studies there and not on my fashion. 

Aaah speaking of university.

I had my first test yesterday! In linguistics. 
It was okay I guess... I was well prepared and now I'm waiting for the results. 

Next week I have my next test in Japan Studies (Japanese history, economy and stuff... )!

See you again soon,

keep smiling! <3