Wigs! Where to buy and how to style ♪(´ε` )

Hello readers!

First I have to say,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your positive feedback and WELCOME new followers! I'm very happy.

Yay, I finished all my exams at university for this term and now I have holidays *dances*
Today was my hardest exam. The japanese language exam.
I attended a 1,0 but I then found out that I made some mistakes... I still hope to get a 1,3 at least >__<
(1 is the best grade in my country btw)


After my last post I got a lot of messages from people, asking me where I buy my wigs.
Well, this is not really a secret.

I buy them from different cosplay wig stores on ebay. They are not really expensive, somewhere inbetween 20 and 30$ (30$ really is the highest amount I would spend on a wig and then it has to be reeeaally awesome)

However, there are two important things I look at when buying.

1) Seriousness of the shop.
There are some shops that look suspicious, because they have really maaany many different stuff at very low prices. So I look that I buy at a shop which specializes only in wigs or maybe in cosplay wigs and cosplay items. Check the rating of the shops and maybe some comments of previous buyers.

2) Fiber
I always buy heat resistant fiber, because it looks more realistic and you can style it with the hair straightener or the curler.

I never buy at a special shop, but if you message me, I can give you some links of shops where I've already bought my wigs

Soooo what is even more important than the quality is the styling and treatment!
I never wear my wigs without editing them. It always hurts my heart when I see people running around with their wigs without editing them.

1) Cut
I always cut my wigs. I make either layers or I just thin out the bangs our the tips, because without them they look so... well wiggy XD

2) Powder
I use hair dust oder volume powder to make the wig look less shiny and therefore less... like plastic. I apply it on the whole wig and brush the wig afterwards. You can also use dry shampoo or baby powder. This works as well.

3) Coloring roots
Sometimes I dye the roots in a darker color (use make-up or markers). This is really pain in the ass because it takes sooo much time. But it's worth it.

4) Styling
I style the wigs just like I would style my real hair. Teasing, flattening, curling, ect. I use hair wax and tons and tons of hairspray!

Well... that's it basically :D

I still have some wigs that are unedited, so maybe I will record video the next time I style one of them ;D

Sooo that's it for today~

Here's just one pic with my real haircolor

Thank you for reading~

Keep smiling  (ノ◉ω◉)ノ♥



  1. Q__Q Ich muss schauen, dass ich das auch mal so hin bekomme, danke nochmal mit der Seite ♥ Hat mir wirklich sehr viel geholfen Hiki *o* *plüsch*

  2. Thanks for the tips about wigs! especially about using powder and coloring the roots. sounds like it would make it look more realistic~
    also, which shop on ebay do you buy your wigs?
    Thank you so much for this post~ (。^ ω ^。)♥

  3. Thanks for the tips!
    I'd love a list of the shops you use! I've been looking for a good wig to try out, but have been too nervous to actually spend the money.

  4. when I first time saw one of your wigs I tought it's your real hair XD your wigs are awesome~ and this article is really useful!
    and you definitely should make a video tutorial how to style it! ^^

  5. danke für die tips, hoffentlich krig ich das auch hin^^ ich hab da immer angst, das ich's verhau, vor allem beim schneiden^^ haha

  6. Heeey von wo hast du die blonde Perücke ?? Und wie stylst du die sooo schön ?? OMG bin total neidisch :3

    1. Dankeschön!! hab sie von diesem ebaystore. stores.ebay.at/cosplaywig . aber diese haben sie jetzt nicht mehr :( Gestylit hab ich sie einfach mit haarwachs, haarspray und toupierkamm :D