Yesterday Seita and I went to the prom of my former high school. It was really cool!

We danced so much ♪( ´θ`)ノ
Seita lost her cellphone on the dancefloor but luckily we got it back!!! But one hour later she lost it again. AND we found it again! XDDD we were really relieved since her cellphone is an expensive one~

So some details on my styling. I did an up-do with my extensions and styled the front hair in a light mori style. Bur it looked much better in reality than on the pictures because I didn't have time to make good pics...

My lashes were kinda crappy. Too thin and they hurt while wearing with the time. But i forgot my good lashes in munich so i had to take those.

The thing i was really proud of were my nails! They lastet so well al night and looked superduper cool. I got so many compliments for them.

Right now I'm on the train on the way to my friend's place~

Thanks for reading!

Kerp smiling

xoxo Hiki


  1. What a wonderful dress! You look so mature and beautiful <3

  2. WOW WOW! Amazing dress and really cute your nails (as I said the last time!)

  3. your nails look wonderful!! *__*

  4. Wow,die Nägel sehen wirklich total super aus <3

  5. love the red dress <3 it's a super sexy color and suits you so well :D and i looove the nails :O

  6. Those nails are gorgeous! You look so lovely! :D

  7. diese nägel sind so endlos toll...! ;w;

  8. OMG!!! love your nails!!! *_____*

  9. Woww !!Your nails are so kawaii!