Nails ヾ(;☆ω☆)ノ

Hello my lovely readers~

Recently nothing spectacular happened. Since I have holidays, I went back to my Family's home and stay here in Austria for some weeks. It feels nice to be at home~

Today I'm going to a prom with Seita. ♪(´ε` )

Therefore I made myself some nice fake nails.
I just bought some plain white plastic nails and then put lots of bling-bling stuff on them XD

I hope they will last the night (´・ω・`)

I also had those acrylic nails once. But I can't wear them anymore. Since I play the piano, my nails have to be rather short... that's why I just put some fake nails on when going out now. (´・ω・`)

I will also try to make pictures when I wear those nails. I bet they look awesome on my fingers~

Sooo. the prom starts around 8pm and now it's 12... so I need to start with preperations NOW.
I think the hair will take long today...

Something else. My skin is getting worse and worse. I got bad acne on my chin and it hurts o(;△;)o
I already try not to put on make-up when it's not really necessary and put on tons of anti-acne products from the pharmacy... but it's still not getting better. I might consult a doctor next week because it's really painful and very ugly! XD

Tomorrow I'm driving to Dodo's place with Rin. We're going to work on our cosplay costumes for the LBM in march.  (ノ◉ω◉)ノ♥

so that's it for today.

I try to make pretty pictures with my prom-styling today!

Keep smiling!



  1. Wow Wow...The nails design is really glam and cute!

  2. wow, very nice nails~ I bet it will look awesome while you will wearing it ^^
    and I really know that problem with acne, god, I hate it >,< and nothing helps me ;__;

  3. Woooow your nails are amazing *-*
    Good luck with ur acne problem, I know it when my period is comming I ve got a lot of ugly spot ;.;
    Maybe it's like me, hormonal due