New wigs ヾ(;☆ω☆)ノ

Hello followers!!

Some of my friends already know... I have an obsession for wigs.
Although I don't have much opportunities to wear them, I still love them very much. 

The good thing on wigs is, you can change your haircolor, hairlength, tease the hair, do whatever you want with it, WITHOUT damaging your real hair. 

I am a person who likes to change their haircolor and style. In the past there where times when I died my hair about 3 times a month in a complete different color. from blond to black to red and back to blond. or something like that.

Of course this damages the hair and then I cut it really short, what I regret now. soooo I want to let my own hair grow and not dye it that much and that's why I want to use wigs for special purposes (or whenever I feel like having different hair.)

About two weeks ago I ordered five new wigs. yeah. 5. lol
(I need two of them for cosplay though)

Two of them already arrived. 

One of them is platin-blond and I want to style them into a gyaru wig when I have time.
Here's apicture of the wig where it is still unedited and unstyled. 

Oh please excuse my face. It was 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning when I had the great idea of trying on my wig. :'D So I look tired and my "make-up" is a mess. 

I think I'm going to dye some strands pink and make the top of the wig sujimori style~ Not sure yet.

Second new wig is one I need for my new Shin cosplay. It's just blond and short. nothing special.

and I found out that I run around like a boy when I go to university :"D
but srsly... I don't have the nerves to stand up at 5:30 just to get my make-up and hair done for uni. I want to focus on my studies there and not on my fashion. 

Aaah speaking of university.

I had my first test yesterday! In linguistics. 
It was okay I guess... I was well prepared and now I'm waiting for the results. 

Next week I have my next test in Japan Studies (Japanese history, economy and stuff... )!

See you again soon,

keep smiling! <3



  1. love the first wig <3
    and your rilakkuma phone case is soo cute ^^

  2. The first wig looks absolutely stunning on you! Well, any hairstyle suits you Hiki ^_^

  3. I love your style! :)
    I feel the same about styling for school, my makeup/outfits are always toned down because I love sleep more!
    I'm taking similar courses in university too! My linguistics exam is coming up...
    ( T w T )||

    1. Thank you very much!! <3
      Yes my courses usually start very early and I just can't get myself to spend a lot of time in styling.
      Ah I see~ Good luck for your exam!!

  4. 5 wigs? ouu and I though I'm the only freak XD but wigs are cool~ I agree with you... I love when I can change my hair every day however I want and not ruin my realy hair ^^ and these wigs are awesome!
    awww, you study japanese? i'm jelly >3<