I didn't mention the best part of yesterday!!!
(That was absolutely worth an own blogpost.)

I met my princess Mika in the city.
So glad we found the time to see each other, even if it was just 'bout an hour. 

Look, look what she's made for me!!

It's so cute. Thank you so much bby~ ;///; 

She also gave me a shoxx magazine with a nightmare special!! WHEEE *^* And the poster is so beautiful!! kyaa~~ >//<

We also went to get some bubble tea and then spent half an hour drooling over her ViViD Photobook (Neverisland in Oahu) ... OMG it's like...... O...M...G... x////////////////x
The pictures are simply stunning. 


Haha. Mika I hope you know that I will come to look at the pictures again! again  and again and again!!

okay that's enough.
I'm sorry for this fangirl moment.

See you again~

Keep smiling :)

Over 800 km

Yesterday I went to munich with my Dad.
Our Jurney started at 5a.m. an endet at 11 p.m. x__x
All in all we drove over 800km!!

But it was abolutely worth it. I got a lot of essential furniture for my room in munich. Such as a desk and a closet.

In the afternoon we stopped at a Sushi Restaurant in the center of munich.

It was really delicious!!

And that's how the car looked like when we got back from IKEA 

But now I have (almost) everythin I need to start my university life in Munich <3 yay

Keep smiling <3



The end is near!

Yep it is.
The end of September :D

That means I'm starting my new life in germany soon. University starts next week.
I'm already excited!! 

Since I don't want to take everything with me to germany, I start to sell some of my VK stuff.
here are the first things I sell:
If you are interested don't hestitate to tell me ;3

I feel kinda sad about giving away things like that, because they used to be precious to me. But you can't keep everything forever.

Tomorrow I'm going to munich. Just for one day. I go there with my Dad to buy some things for my room.
Speaking of it, my mum bought me a microwave for my appartment today :D
I can't live without a microwave! xD 

Well, I need to get up very early tomorrow. About 5 o'clock I guess, since I have to be at the university aroung 8~ x__x

See you tomorrow evening guys~

Keep smiling ;D

(Haha, my life:)


girlish day.

Hello :D

Today I wanted to try on my extensions and make some new pictures

I also wore big fake lashes.
I still feel a little bit strange wearing them.... kinda like a drag queen :0

anyway... I took about 14988627hjhgfj pictures or more and when I clicked trough them on my computer I was like "ugly.....ugly.... ugly.... OMG D: ... ugly.... no way!"
haha, it's always the same. *sighs*
but I found some which I actually liked.

Pictures taken with flash. I think the circle lenses look really beautiful in these.

Here's a more natural picture, unedited and taken at natural light.

And finally here's a pic for my lovely MIKA 





Today I met Seita for lunch.
We went to our favourite japanese restaurant ^^

I had avocado maki

I loooove avocado maki so much~~

After that we went to buy new hairdye for my extensions. lol
Since the color didn't match my actual color I had to dye them again.
Bought a cheap product at the drugstore, since I didn't want to spend so much money again.
It was good enough and now I can finally wear my extensions again (*^*)

I'm glad they survived the whole procedure without any damage!


My stomach is feeling strange lately. I don't know why, but every time I eat something, I get a stomachache.
My mom doesn't believe me and thinks I just lie in order to eat less because I'm on a diet again or sth like that. srsly... *sighs*

I need to make new pics of myself... not just crappy cellphone pics.
need beautiful pictures.
but I'm too lazy XD

not something like this. lol. 

Keep smiling :D



When I came homw  from bringing Seita to the trainstation I thought my hair was kinda cool.
so I made pictures.

you can still see the hairdye on my hand!! O_O

And... another thing...
I'm so confused by people. They change their minds just like their underwear or what? The sad thing is, that you never know if they are telling you the truth or not.
I've been lied to so often, it's really hard for me to trust somebody.
Beeing lied to hurts the most.

Dying my hair extensions

Since my hair is dark now, I had to dye my extensions too, in order to wear them again ^^

Soo here are my clip-in extensions in light blond :3

Hair dye products :D color is Koleston 7/0 Middleblond

bye bye lightblond hair T^T

and finally I let them dry outside on the balcony. :D

I'll make some pics of me wearing them tomorrow ^^

Keep smiling <3


hairy thing

I went to the hairdresser today again (°-°)/

I wanted to have them darker~
And I also bought hairdye to dye my extensions.

still need to get used to this color. but I like it very much.

See you again tomorrow.

Keep smiling~


Sun'z Up!

It's such a lovely day!! ♪(´ε` ) Sun is shining!

This is just a small update before I'm going to pick up Seita from school and then meet Ruka (・ω・)/

I finally bought something I was looking for so long.
A crown pendant. 

And it was sooo cheap! only about 5euros + free shipping.

Song of the Day "Sun'z Up! - The Kiddie" 

Keep smiling :D



Went shopping with Seita today...

well... I was shopping and she was picking the clothes for me :D

I also bought another shirt (which is just pretty boring but I like it anyway) and a new grey scarf!
Since I'm moving to germany I need clothes to fill my closet there. Taking old clothes from home there is for pussies. 

AND I got my new TV for my room in munich (* ̄Oノ ̄*)

Well what else?
Seita and I watched Ouran High School Host Club Drama and drooled over Yusuke Yamamoto's (Tamaki) hotness for 20 whole minutes.
[fangirling] That man!! srsly...THAT MAAAN  ლ(́ಢ.◞౪◟ಢ‵ლ) ojzhzgkihzgauozg!! [/fangirling]

(he's right T___T)

Well well, the 9th episode was really good. It was the part when Hikaru and Haruhi went on a "date".
HONEY WAS DRESSED UP AS A LOLITA!... and kyouya was... well...


Mommey took us to the japanese restaurant and we had sooo much delicious food.
After it, Seita and I felt like dieing 'cause we ate far too much. but it was worth it!

I guess that's it for today. I'm going to play piano now :D

Tomorrow I will meet my lovely Ruka and Seita again *le happy* 

Song of the Day: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - The Kiddie" *dances*

See you soon!

Keep smiling!



The video is so awesome. Ikuma is perfect *^*
Somehow I like that song too. Even if it's pretty hard and contains much screaming. It's good for my soul right now. haha.

Keep smiling :)




It's me again. :)

I was feeling so uncreative lately. I wanted to draw something (with pen and paper, not a CG which I usually do).
I haven't done that for ages now, so I started with some quick and dirty sketch to get into it again.

Because it was Baku who made me do something like this, the drawing is dedicated to her.

It's nothing special, just practising, I hope she likes it anyway~
(there's a shadow of my arm over the drawing. uuuuuh~~ shadooooows *nekozawa voice*)

I'm not really feeling good right now. 
I didn't eat enough today. Just have no appetite.
That's why I'm pretty weak and tired. 

I spent the afternoon drawing, listening to music and learning the korean alphabet (it's pretty easy btw ô_o).
Since I'm going to learn Korean as an addition to my Japanese studies, I thought it would be useful to get an idea of the language before the course starts. (I'm such a geek when it comes to languages. Except italian. I never liked that language, but had to learn it in high school.)

I hope you guys had a nice day and are looking forward to the weekend.
I gotta go to work the whole weekend so I'm not looking forward to it. Most of my friends are going to see the Nega live in cologne...

Last but not least I have a song tip for you:
Check out LAGING's "Cry Road" if you haven't done yet. A very beautiful song. The vocalist has a nice soft voice. 

That's it for today. 


Keep smiling, 
and if you don't feel like it, call someone who makes you smile again. :)

Perfect light skin

Hello dear readers.

I have some time right now, so I'd like to write about make-up, especially foundation, today.

Since my skin is really light, I always have problems to find foundation that matches with my skin tone. Most of the products sold in my country are way too dark or too 'yellow-ish' for my skin.
I've tried out about 15629 different products I think I finally found some appropriate ones.

So I wondered if there are people out there who have to deal with the same problems? Maybe this is going to help you a little bit.

Tip for testing your foundation:
I've often made the mistakeand tested the color on the back of my hand. That's not a good idea. Try testing it on your face directly if you have the chance to.

So here I'd like to introduce some of my favourite products.


BB cream is a really good choice if you have a light tan.
I've tried out some different brands but this one is my favourite. It has a very good covering power, yet it doesn't look like a "mask" (you know what I mean?).

I've bought it in Japan directly (although it's a koren brand I guess), but there are several ways to purchase it through internet as well.

The color I use is "#10 Light Beige". I think it's the lightest one I could get.

And, as you can see on the picture, it also has SPF 30 PA++. This is really important to me. I try to avoid UVA and UVB rays on my skin, since they are responsible for fast skin aging and, as a result, wrinkles. D:
(yeah, I'm that age where you have to worry 'bout things like that. XD)

2) VICHY "Aera Teint Pure" and LA ROCHE-POSAY "Toleriane"

These are liquid foundation products I bought in the farmacy.

Vichy Aera Teint Pure (#12 Opal) is really really light. Probably the lightest liquid foundation I've ever. I use it in winter, because in summer it's almost too light, even for my skin.

LA ROCHE-POSAY "Toleriane" correcteur fluid (#10 Ivoire-Ivory) is very light too, but tends to look a little bit yellow-ish on my skin.
But it still looks good. The main reason why I use this one is, because it's made for sensitive skin and has a very high covering power.

The bad thing about these products is, that they are slightly expensive. (about 20 €)

3) Nivea Beauté "STAY REAL"

A nice alternative if you don't want to spend so much money on foundation.
I use #02 "Nude". The covering power is average, but the foundation looks very natural on my skin.

4) Concealer

I suffer from dark shadows under my eyes from time to time. So concealer really is a must have!
I like to use Rimmel London "Hide the Blemish #001 Ivory" It has a fair price, yet it is really good. Since I use it almost every day, that's a main reason for my choice. Very strong covering power!

5) Finishing powder

Gives you that "perfect skin" look.
I use PALGANTONG "Theatrical Powder" Original Beige or Manhattan clearface "finishing powder vanilla"

6) TIP: Make-up to go.

Sometimes I just don't have the time to put on liquid foundation or I just want to make little corrections. 
That's why I always carry Manhattan Clearface "2 in 1 powder & make-up " (#76 sand) with me.
The best think of this product is, that it doesn't block the pores and also works a little bit against pimples and unclean skin. (If you have dry skin there's a chance that it might get worse. So use moisturizer afterwards)

EUROPEAN BB CREME!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Woah, I saw a BBcream CM on german TV today!!! It's from Garnier. So if I am lucky, I won't have to buy expensive asian BBcream in future anymore. xD
I'm going to check the drugstore tomorrow to buy and test it.

BTW there are going to be more make-up posts and circle lens reviews in future too, so please check my blog again if you are interested.

until then