Today I met Seita for lunch.
We went to our favourite japanese restaurant ^^

I had avocado maki

I loooove avocado maki so much~~

After that we went to buy new hairdye for my extensions. lol
Since the color didn't match my actual color I had to dye them again.
Bought a cheap product at the drugstore, since I didn't want to spend so much money again.
It was good enough and now I can finally wear my extensions again (*^*)

I'm glad they survived the whole procedure without any damage!


My stomach is feeling strange lately. I don't know why, but every time I eat something, I get a stomachache.
My mom doesn't believe me and thinks I just lie in order to eat less because I'm on a diet again or sth like that. srsly... *sighs*

I need to make new pics of myself... not just crappy cellphone pics.
need beautiful pictures.
but I'm too lazy XD

not something like this. lol. 

Keep smiling :D

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