The end is near!

Yep it is.
The end of September :D

That means I'm starting my new life in germany soon. University starts next week.
I'm already excited!! 

Since I don't want to take everything with me to germany, I start to sell some of my VK stuff.
here are the first things I sell:
If you are interested don't hestitate to tell me ;3

I feel kinda sad about giving away things like that, because they used to be precious to me. But you can't keep everything forever.

Tomorrow I'm going to munich. Just for one day. I go there with my Dad to buy some things for my room.
Speaking of it, my mum bought me a microwave for my appartment today :D
I can't live without a microwave! xD 

Well, I need to get up very early tomorrow. About 5 o'clock I guess, since I have to be at the university aroung 8~ x__x

See you tomorrow evening guys~

Keep smiling ;D

(Haha, my life:)


  1. WUNDERSCHÖN , und dein "Neues leben" in münchen wird schön :3 <3 das versprech ich dir ;D

  2. Hey HiKi
    hab' da mal eine frage..
    was studierst [?] du denn in deutschland?

    lG von

  3. Awww cute blog :3 i love ur haircolor. i want to have the same haircolor as u ^.^ And have fun in germany^^