Hello my lovely followers~

Long time no see.

After my trip to Prague, I went to Vienna.
There was a Japan Convention called "AniNite". o(〃^▽^〃)o

I was so happy that I could meet many of my friends there. Especially those I can't meet that often, cuz they live so far away.
That's why I love conventions. They bring people together~~

I had no clue what to wear on Friday, that's why I tried out a kinda new style.
Oshare Kei inspired... kinda. ♪(´ε` )

With the lovely Nyu ♪(´ε` ) (photo by P)

Saturday I promised my friend Rene to make Goldenbomber Cosplay together with him XD
He dressed up as Doramu Kenji and mi as Kiryuuin Shou.
It was so much fun! Although I wasn't really satisfied with my wig...

(As you can see in picture 2, we had a lot of fun taking retarded pics XD)

Sunday I was wearing my Shin Cosplay again. Since it was Shin-san's Birthday too!
It was sooo hot (x___x°) I felt like melting in this silver suit.

With Snii as Ayame from Matenrou Opera (photo by P)
Well it was a very lovely weekend. I had so much fun and I was also happy to see Ruha again. 
Spent a lot oft time with Nyu an P. Those to are soooo awesome. I like them so much ;___;
Also met Takeru aka Hoshi for the first time. I think she's very cute and nice :D

With Hoshi

Taka <3

and Ruha! :3


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