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Hello dear readers.

I have some time right now, so I'd like to write about make-up, especially foundation, today.

Since my skin is really light, I always have problems to find foundation that matches with my skin tone. Most of the products sold in my country are way too dark or too 'yellow-ish' for my skin.
I've tried out about 15629 different products I think I finally found some appropriate ones.

So I wondered if there are people out there who have to deal with the same problems? Maybe this is going to help you a little bit.

Tip for testing your foundation:
I've often made the mistakeand tested the color on the back of my hand. That's not a good idea. Try testing it on your face directly if you have the chance to.

So here I'd like to introduce some of my favourite products.


BB cream is a really good choice if you have a light tan.
I've tried out some different brands but this one is my favourite. It has a very good covering power, yet it doesn't look like a "mask" (you know what I mean?).

I've bought it in Japan directly (although it's a koren brand I guess), but there are several ways to purchase it through internet as well.

The color I use is "#10 Light Beige". I think it's the lightest one I could get.

And, as you can see on the picture, it also has SPF 30 PA++. This is really important to me. I try to avoid UVA and UVB rays on my skin, since they are responsible for fast skin aging and, as a result, wrinkles. D:
(yeah, I'm that age where you have to worry 'bout things like that. XD)

2) VICHY "Aera Teint Pure" and LA ROCHE-POSAY "Toleriane"

These are liquid foundation products I bought in the farmacy.

Vichy Aera Teint Pure (#12 Opal) is really really light. Probably the lightest liquid foundation I've ever. I use it in winter, because in summer it's almost too light, even for my skin.

LA ROCHE-POSAY "Toleriane" correcteur fluid (#10 Ivoire-Ivory) is very light too, but tends to look a little bit yellow-ish on my skin.
But it still looks good. The main reason why I use this one is, because it's made for sensitive skin and has a very high covering power.

The bad thing about these products is, that they are slightly expensive. (about 20 €)

3) Nivea Beauté "STAY REAL"

A nice alternative if you don't want to spend so much money on foundation.
I use #02 "Nude". The covering power is average, but the foundation looks very natural on my skin.

4) Concealer

I suffer from dark shadows under my eyes from time to time. So concealer really is a must have!
I like to use Rimmel London "Hide the Blemish #001 Ivory" It has a fair price, yet it is really good. Since I use it almost every day, that's a main reason for my choice. Very strong covering power!

5) Finishing powder

Gives you that "perfect skin" look.
I use PALGANTONG "Theatrical Powder" Original Beige or Manhattan clearface "finishing powder vanilla"

6) TIP: Make-up to go.

Sometimes I just don't have the time to put on liquid foundation or I just want to make little corrections. 
That's why I always carry Manhattan Clearface "2 in 1 powder & make-up " (#76 sand) with me.
The best think of this product is, that it doesn't block the pores and also works a little bit against pimples and unclean skin. (If you have dry skin there's a chance that it might get worse. So use moisturizer afterwards)

EUROPEAN BB CREME!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Woah, I saw a BBcream CM on german TV today!!! It's from Garnier. So if I am lucky, I won't have to buy expensive asian BBcream in future anymore. xD
I'm going to check the drugstore tomorrow to buy and test it.

BTW there are going to be more make-up posts and circle lens reviews in future too, so please check my blog again if you are interested.

until then


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