I didn't mention the best part of yesterday!!!
(That was absolutely worth an own blogpost.)

I met my princess Mika in the city.
So glad we found the time to see each other, even if it was just 'bout an hour. 

Look, look what she's made for me!!

It's so cute. Thank you so much bby~ ;///; 

She also gave me a shoxx magazine with a nightmare special!! WHEEE *^* And the poster is so beautiful!! kyaa~~ >//<

We also went to get some bubble tea and then spent half an hour drooling over her ViViD Photobook (Neverisland in Oahu) ... OMG it's like...... O...M...G... x////////////////x
The pictures are simply stunning. 


Haha. Mika I hope you know that I will come to look at the pictures again! again  and again and again!!

okay that's enough.
I'm sorry for this fangirl moment.

See you again~

Keep smiling :)

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