What's new pussycat?

I'm back in Austria. Yey~
Had an 5 hour train ride in the morning. I slept 90% of it. XD

I finally recieved my Shoxx Vol. 224 feat. Nightmare, Gazette, Alice Nine and of course naked Iv!!

And I was so happy when I saw that there's an article 'bout my favourite singer Soshi (Lolita23q) in the magazine as well. 

He's so pretty! I really need to scan these pictures!~~~~

People should pay more attention to Lolita23q. The band's sound is pretty unique. They use a lot of electric elements in their songs which I really like.

Speaking of Lolita23q. They finally uploaded their PV preview of -HIKARI- which is going to be released on 5th October!

(I guess you can't see this video if you live in germany, sorry. Blame it on your country.)

When I saw it, the first thing that came into my mind was: STAR WARS. haha.
I can't tell wether I like the song or not. Time will tell. But Soshi's voice is beautiful as always. *^*
I might even dare to say that I like his voice the most out of all J-Rock vocals. I can't say why, it's just a personal preference.

Enough fangiriling for today.

I spent the day with Seita. She picked me up from the train station. I really missed her.


You've always wanted to see how I look when I don't do my hair. THIS.
(I don't care showing my "real" face, since I know I look hot as soon as I put make-up on. xD)

... well what else to tell?

There was a song playing in my head all day. It's "White,White" from Megamasso. Probably one of the most 'gayest' songs I've ever heard. BUT I LOVE IT! I think I like because it has a nice rhythm and great drum patterns which change from downbeat to offbeat all the time.
I'm a person that really listens carefully to the drums in every song.


I think I catched a cold somewhere. x___x"
That's why I'm going to bed now.


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