Dekuji a nashledanou

It was my last day in Prague today.

We went to see Prague Castle and the Veitsdome. The Dome was sooo beautiful! *^*
 I was impressed!
I really love the architecture of churches~

Then we walked back into the city and walked around there, visited the Hard Rock Cafe and went to the Powder Tower.

Right beside the Hard Rock cafe there was a Coyote Bar. Do you know what that is? haha~
I really wanted to go in there, but unfortunately it was closed.
No wonder, Coyote bars usually open at night.

Mom and I walked into a candy shop, where you could watsch guys making rock candy.
I bought myself a belgian waffle on a stick, which you can get here everywhere.
Had to try this!

With chocolate coating and smarties~
It tasted so good. Good bye, diet! lol XD

After that we went to a HUGE shopping mall!! I was like "I'M IN HEAVEN!!! ;___;"

I also saw an Adidas Jacket which I immediately fell in love with.

Mom bought it for me. So nice T___T <3<3<3

Well that's it I guess.

Tomorrow I am going to Vienna *^*
But that also means I have to get up early~

Until then~
Keep smiling!! =)



  1. Ich hab dir nen blogaward verliehen chan :D !

  2. The chocolate belgian waffle on a stick looks well. I'm willing to risk just to taste that one.