Hello ~

Today I had my first summer term exam. It wasn't that bad, we'll see what the result will be.

After the test I met Rin and we went into the city to eat Sushi at "Sano".

Well the main reason for this post is my skin tho.
I usually have really dry skin. Especially in winter I suffer a lot under it. And I get tiny red spots all over. it's not really pretty :(

Finally my skin is better now!!

thanks to these two babies here:


Really I've already tried a lot of different products, even from the farmacy. And normally I don't really am a fan of Nivea products. But I grabbed this one since I was in a hurry and I didn't really look what brand I was buying. 

But this peeling was surprisingly good! 
I do a peeling every second day now and I use the BodyLotion daily before I go to bed. 

My legs have already become soooo much softer. And that within only 2 weeks! 

I hope I can get really smooth skin until Tôkyô~

That's it for today, keep smiling ★

Hiki :)

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  1. maybe I need to try it.. ;___;
    Ich hab immer total trockene Beine, die schon jucken ;^;