Hello readers!

I was at work today. Although it was sunday...

But I had a lot of time to play around with a cool new editing program for my cellphone, that was fun!

Today I felt like dressing myself in my "old " style. I used to run around rather boyish until I discovered gyaru style.

I'm still not sure which style I'm most satisfied with...
I like the girlish style but I still feel more comfortable this way sometimes...

taken in my work place's bathroom~ XD

I tried outr a nwe technique to style my hair. It actually took me 5 minutes today to style it this way.
There's one strand hanging wrongly into my face I know.... that really pisses me off. why haven't I seen this while taking pictures?

anyway... I'm not sure which style suits me the most...

Oh oh oh, my princess MIKA made a picture for me today

Thank you so much!1 o(>///<)o

So I made one for her too~

Sorry for the bad quality. The cam of the cellphone is not so good...

That's all for today.
See you tommorow guys.

Keep smiling :)

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