How have you been?

This will be a short update on my new wig~

It looks really "real" (xD) and it's so soft~ Also it has two colors, one side of the pony is a little bit darker (but you can't see it that well on the pictures, dunno why ;_;)

also, I tried to make myself bottom lashes by cutting upperlashes. But i'm not really satisfied... 
I really need good bottoms, but I don't have money for that right now... ordered too much last month.

I think in this picture you can see it better that one side of the wig is a little bit darker~

Aaah, it was midnight when I started doing my make-up... that's why i looks messy. xD I always have the worst times for working on eye make-up.

wheee webcam picture spam from midnight~

so what else?
Recently I'm writing a lot with some japanese bandmen, haha. One of them told me that he likes "koakuma" gyaru styles and that it really suits me.
I was happy to hear that~~~

Koakuma is really cool~ Especially the hairstyles.
But it would be hard to focus on koakuma because... it's a style you can't really wear every day.

Ah, talking about outfits, this was my favourite outfit from last week.

I've gained some weight recently but I just can't stop eating! ;_____________;
I feel pregnant ;_; (but impossible! xD)

Now I have to finish my japanese homework!

See you next time~
Keep smiling :)

xoxo Hiki


  1. Du siehst so hübsch aus hasi <3<3<3
    Die wig steht dir total !
    Sind das deine neuen lenses? :3

  2. You're pretty! Your wig is so cool! I like your makeup! :D


    1. thank you very much!! <3<3<3

  3. love your wig and your make up *_* <3

  4. Woooow~ you look so cuteeee!!!
    the wig looks really nice! and it matches you!! :)
    where did you buy it, if i can ask you :o?

    1. Thank you very much <3
      I got it from an ebay store called "cosplaywig" they have really good quality! <3

    2. Thanks very much for your answer :)
      I hope i can buy one there too!! haha

      I'm waiting for a new post (^-^) i really like your blog!!! :)

  5. Die wig sieht wirklich klasse aus! Ich habe auch einige sehr gute Perücken bei "Cosplaywig" gekauft!
    Und zu den bottom lashes: ich finde, dass die sehr gut gelungen sind! Ich mache das ja auch immer so.... mit upper lashes kürzen und sou XD
    weiter so ^^
    (Koakuma style sagt mir aber nichts... nur in Bezug auf Koakuma Ageha.. ist das so in etwar wie Agejo?)

    1. jaja er sagte halt koakuma, aber er meinte agejo denk ich. Koakuma heißt soviel wie "vamp". also eher so der sexy style~^^

  6. Deine neue Wig steht dir auch total gut und wie du schon meintest, wirkt sie so echt *.*

  7. Your new wig looks so cool! almost like real hair :)