Animagic Hangover PART II

so and on sunday I was finally able to wear my Shin cosplay. FINALLY!
I was looking forward to that day so much~

I wasn't sure at all if I would look good and stuff, so I was really nervous about how people would react.
But actually all the reactions I revieced were pretty positive *///*
Thank you so much. That means so much to me >///<

Mika took so many great pictures. Thank you so much!!! <3<3<3

With Saya (middle) as Yoshi from V-Last and Seita (right) as Ko-ki from ViViD.
They were so awesome!
And there were so many good cosplayers. I was really amazed!!! *A*/

that are Shou, me, Kou, Dodo, (sozo in the background XD) and seita :D

I also met a really nice girl. She was a Ko-ki cosplayer too. She was cute >3<

And last but not least, a picture with my Wonderful MIKA <3<3<3

Ah... talking of Mika. At the convention she bought me this cute small Mameshiba thingy. It's something like a wallet.

 really cute! I carry it with me in bag all the time. I put my key in it so I can find it easier in my bag!
It's really useful!! <3 Thank you my dear~~
On monday we also went to make purikura together before we had to go back home.
Saying goodbye was really sad. Almost everybody cried. T^T Me too!!

It was so much fun. Thanks to everyone for the great time. I'm already looking forward for next year!!!

Keep smiling <3


  1. Gern geschehen bubu <3
    ich hab dein shin cosplay so geliebt ;O;
    bitte zieh das nochmal an
    und seita war auch so klasse !!!

    Die puris hast du noch garnicht eingescannt xD

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